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 Library of Movies on VHS

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Title Format Stars Language Notes
Affliction VHS Nolte, Spaceck. Coburn, Dafoe    
All The Pretty Horses VHS Damon, Thomas. Cruz, Black    
Amelie VHS   French  
American Beauty VHS Spacey, Bening    
Amy's O VHS      
Analyze This VHS De Niro, Crystal    
Anna and the King VHS Foster, Yun-Fat    
Arsenic and Old lace VHS Grant, Lorre, Carson, Massey    
Being John Malkovich VHS Cusack, Diaz, Keener    
Blood Work VHS Eastwood    
Bowling for Columbine VHS Moore   Recorded
Capt Corelli's Mandolin VHS Cage, Cruz    
Cast Away VHS Hanks    
Cat Ballou VHS Marvin   Recorded
Charlotte Gray VHS Blanchett    
Cheaper by the Dozen VHS Martin   Recorded
Chocolat VHS Binoche, Dench, Molina, Olin, Depp    
Croching Tiger Hidden Dragon VHS Yun-Fat, Yeoh, Ziyi Mandarin  
Dances With Wolves VHS Costner    
Doctor Zhivago VHS Sharif, Christie    
Dr. Stranglove VHS Sellers, Scott, Hayden    
Drowning Mona VHS Devito, Midler. Campbell, Lee Curtis    
E.T. VHS Barrymore, Thomas    
Entrapment VHS Connery, Zeta-Kones    
Erin Brockovich VHS Roberts    
Evolution VHS Duchovny, Jones, Scott, Moore    
Frida VHS     Recorded
Girl, Interrupted VHS Ryder, Jolie    
Gladiator VHS Crowe Tape ??????  
Hannibal VHS Hopkins, Moore    
Hilary and Jackie VHS Watson, Griffiths    
Honey, I Shrunk the Kids VHS Moranis    
House of Sand and Fog VHS Kinsley   Recorded
In The Bedroom VHS Spacek, Wilkinson, Stahl, Tomei    
Indian Jones and the Last Crusade VHS Ford, Connery    
Indian Jones Temple of Doom VHS Ford, Capshaw    
Kate & Leopold VHS Ryan, Jackman    
Kill Bill 1 VHS     Recorded
Killing Me Softly VHS Graham    
K-PAX VHS Spacey, Bridges    
Lawrence Of Arabia VHS O'Toole, Sharif, Quinn    
Life As A House VHS Kline, Scott Thomas, Christensen, Malone    
Life is Beautiful VHS Benigni Italian  
Lolita VHS Irons, Griffith, Langela    
LOR - Fellowship of Rings VHS      
Master & Commander, The far VHS Crowe   Recorded
Micky Blue Eyes VHS Grant, Caine, Tripplehorn    
Miss Congeniality VHS Bullock, Caine, Bratt, Bergen    
Monsters, Inc.  VHS     Recorded
Mulholland Drive VHS      
My Cousin Vinny VHS Pesci, Macchio, Tomei, Gwynne    
Mystic River VHS Penn, Robbins   Recorded
One Hour Photo VHS Williams    
Original Sin VHS Banderas, Jolie    
Possession VHS Paltrow, Eckhart    
Proof of Life VHS Ryan, Crowe    
Quills VHS Rush, Winslet, Phoenix, Caine    
Raiders of the Lost Ark VHS Ford    
Restoration VHS Neill, Ryan, Downey Jr, Thewlis    
Saving Grace VHS Blethyn, Ferguson    
Seabiscuit VHS McGuire   Recorded
Shakespeare In Love VHS Paltrow, Fienes, Rush, Firth.Affleck, Dench   
Shall We Dance VHS   Japanese  
Shipping News VHS Spacey, Moore, Dench, Blanchett    
Shrek VHS      
Shrek 2 VHS     Recorded
Signs VHS Gibson    
Simone VHS Pacino    
Sleuth VHS Oliver, Caine    
Snow Falling on Cedars VHS Hawks, Cromwell, Shepard, Von Sydow    
Something's Gotta Give VHS Nicholoson, Keaton   Recorded
Space Cowboys VHS Eastwood, Sutherland, Garner, Lee Jones    
Spy Game VHS Redford, Pitt    
Star Trek The Motion Pic VHS Shatner, Nimoy, Kelley    
Tea With Mussolini VHS Cher, Dench, Plowright, Smith, Tomlin    
The African Queen VHS Bogart, Hepburn    
The Blue Angel VHS Dietrich, Jannings German  
The Candestine Marriage VHS Hawthorne, Collins, Spall    
The Cider House Rules VHS Caine, Maguire    
The Contender VHS Oldman. Allen, Bridges. Slater    
The Dish VHS Neill, Washburn    
The End of the Affair VHS Fiennes, Moore, Rea    
The Green Mile VHS Hanks    
The Grey Fox VHS Farnsworth    
The Insider VHS Pacino, Crowe    
The Jungle Book VHS      
The Majestic VHS Carrey    
The Mexican VHS Pitt, Roberts    
The Object of Beauty VHS Malkovich, MacDowell    
The Perfect Storm VHS Clooney, Wahlberg, Cube    
The Pledge VHS Nicholson, Redgrave, Shepard, Mirren    
The Quiet American VHS     Recorded
The Quiet Man VHS Wayne. Ohara   Recorded
The Rainmaker VHS Devito, Damon, Voight, Rourke    
The Red Violin VHS Jackson, Scacchi, Flemyng, McKellar    
The Shawshank Redemption VHS Robbins, Freeman    
The Straight Story VHS Farnsworth, Spaceck    
The Tailor In Panama VHS Bronson, Rush    
The Third Man VHS Welles, Cotton. Valli, Howard    
The Thomas Crown Affair VHS Bronson, Russo    
Three Kings VHS Clooney, Wahlberg, Cube    
Town & Country VHS Beatty, Keaton. MacDowell, Shadling, Hawn  
Toy Story 2 VHS Hanks, Allen    
Traffic VHS Douglas, Cheadle, Del Torro, Quaid, Zeta-Jones  
Tru VHS Morse   Recorded
Up At The Villa VHS Penn, Thomas    
What Lies Beneath VHS Ford, Pfeiffer    
Zorba The Greek VHS Quinn, Bates, Papas    



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