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 Library of Movies on DVD

This library of DVD movies has a Description column with URLs that will take you to IMDb, the "Earth's Biggest Data Base of Movies". The URLs take you to specific information about that movie, and it includes a lot of very interesting information, including Cast Members, Trivia information, Goofs and One Liners.  In many cases there is a photo of the DVD cover.  Check it out.

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Title Stars Description 
21 Grams Penn, Watts 
21 Jump Street Hill, Tatum, Larson 
3:10 to Yuma Crowe, Bale
61* Thomas Jane & Barry Pepper 
A Better Life Bichir, Julian
A Day Without Mexican 
A Good Woman Hunt, Johanssen, Wilkinson 
A Passage to India Ashcroft, Davis, Fox, Guinnes 
A Serious Man Stuhlbarg, Kind
A Summer in Genoa Firth Holland
A Verry Long Engagement TauTou 
Absence of Malice Newman, Field 
Aesenic and Old Lace Grant, Lorre, Carson, Massey
Afterburn Dern, Loggia
aka Leitch, Quick, Asprey
Alex & Emma Hudson, Wilson 
Alexander Farrel, Jolie, Kilmer, Leto
Alfie Law 
All Good Things Gosling, Dunst, Langella 
Amelia Swank, Gere
American Gangster Washington, Russel Crowe
An Ideal Husband Wilby, Frost, Firth, Scales
An Unfinished Life Redford, Lopez, Freeman 
Animal Kingdom Australian Movie
Anna Karenina Garbo, March, Rathbone
Appalosa Mortenser, Harris, Zellweger
Arthur Brand, Mirren, Garner
Attonement McAvoy, Knightley
Bank Job Statham, Burrows
Barney's Version Giamatti
Batman, the Beginning 
Before the Devil Knows You're Dead Hoffman, Hawke, Tomei, Finney
Beginners McGregor, Plummer, Laurent
Behind the Candelarbra Douglas, Damom
Bernard & Doris Sarandon, Fiennes
Between Strangers Brandauer, Loren, Depardieu
Beyond the Sea Spacey, Bosworth 
Blades of Glory Ferrel
Blood and Wine Nicholson. Caine, Dorf, Lopez
Bonjour Tristesse Kerr, Niven
Boy Rolleston 
Boys Don't Cry Hilary Swank, Sevigny 
Boys on the Side Goldberg, Barrymore, Louise Parker
Brave animated-Thompson, Connolly
Brokeback Mountain Ledger,Gyllenhaal 
Broken English Posey, Poupaud, Rowlands
Broken Flowers Murray 
Brothers Maguire, Gyllenhall, Portman
Burn After Reading Clooney, Malkovich, Pitt
Cairo Time Clarckson, Siddig
Calendar Girls Mirren, Walters 
Capote Hoffman 
Casablanca Bogart,
Casanova Ledger, Miller, Irons 
Case 39 Zelleger,McShane
Casino Jack Spacey, Pepper, Preston
Celebrity DiCaprio, Ryder,Griffith, Davis
Changeling Jolie, Malkovich
Charlie Brown Chistmas
Charlie Brown Thanksgiving
Charlie Wilson's War Hanks, Roberts, Hoffman
China Moon Harris, Stowe. Del Toro
Chinese Box Irons, Li 
Cloudburt Dukakis.Doucette, Fricker
Cold Souls Giamatti,
Color Me Kubrick Malkovich
Comedy of Power Huppert, Berleans
Company Raul Esparza
Copying Beethoven Harris, Kruger
Cossing Over Ford, Liotta, Judd
Cowboys & Aliens Craig, Ford
Crash Bullock, Dillon, Fraser, Cheadie 
Cyrus Reilly, Hill, Tomei
Dances With Wolves Costner
Dancing at Lughnasa Streep. McCormick, Gambon, Burke 
Danny Deckchair Haris, Otto
Dark Matter Streep, Quinn, Ye
Darkness Paquin,Olin, Glen 
Das Weib des Pharao Jennings
Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid Martin, Ward, Reiner, Santoni
Dean Spanky Neil, Brown, O'Toole, Northam
Death at a Funeral
Defendor Harrelson
Definitely, Maybe
De-Lovely Kline, Judd 
Der Blaue Engel Dietrich
Devil's Advocate Pacino, Reeves
Diabolique Signore
Die Fledermaus Kiri Te Kanawa, Prey, Heichele, Luxon 
Die Fledermaus Coburn, Perry, Fassbaender,
Dolan's Cadllac Slater Vaugier
Dolphin Tale Connick Jr, Judd, Gamble
Double Indemnity McMurray, Stanwick
Doubt Streep Hoffman, Adams
Dr. Stranglove Sellers, Scott, Hayden
Drive Gosling, Mulligan 
Dummy Brody, Jovovich, Douglas, Farmigia & Harris 
Duplicity Roberts, Owen
East  of Eden Dean,Harris, Massey
Edwin Boyd - Citizen Ganster Michaels
Elegy Cruz, Kingsley
Elizabeth I Mirren, Irons 
Elizabeth, the Golden Age Blanchett, Rush, Owen
Elvis, One Night with You Presley
Enchanted Adams, Dempsey
Evelyn Bonson, Devlyn
Everybody's Fine De Nero, Barrymore
Failure to Launch McConaughey, Jessica Parker
Falsh of Genius Kinnear
Fatherland Hauer, Richardson, Marsh
Finding Neverland Depp, Winset, Christie, Hoffman 
Fireflies in the Garden Dafoe, Roberts, Watson
Firewall Ford, Bettany 
Five Finger Exercise Russell, Hawkins, Schell
Forty Shades of Blue Torn, Korzun. Burrows 
Four Christmases Vaugh, Witherspoon
Four Weddings & A Funeral Grant, McDowell 
Frankenweenie animated-Ryder, Short, O'Hara
French Divorce 
From Here to Eternity Lancaster, Clift, Sinatra
From Paris with Love Travolta, Myers
Frozen River Leo, Upman
Fun With Dick & Jane Carry, Leoni, Baldwin 
Get Him to the Greek Brand , Hill
Good Night and Good Luck Downey Jr, Clooney 
Gran Torino Eastwod
Hairspray Travolta, Pfeiffer, Walken, Bynes
Hamlet Branagh, Christie, Crystal, etc.
Hanging Up Ryam, Keaton, Kudrow, Mathau 
Hanna Ronan, Bana, Blanchett
He Was a Quiet Man Slater
Head in the Clouds Theron, Cruz 
Hemingway & Gellhorn Kidman, Owen
Hereafter Damon
Hero Leung, Cheung, Ziyi
Hildalgo Mortensen 
Hollywood Ending Allen, Williams. Messing, Leoni, Thesson 
Honeydripper Glover, Dutton, Hamilton
House of Flying Daggers Zhang,Kaneshiro, Lau 
How to Train Your Dragon animation
I Am Legend Smith, Braga
I, Robot Smith 
Ice Age 
Ice Age: Continental Drift  animated-Romano, Leguiz
Ice Age:Dawn of the Dinosaures Romano, Leary
Identity Cusack, Liotta, 
Im Winter Ein Jahr Herfurth, Bierbichler
In Bruges Farrel, Fiennes. Gleason
In the Heat of the Night Potier, Steiger
In The Name of the Father 
Inception DiCaprio, Gordon-Levitt, Page
Inglorious Bastards Pitt, Diehl, Laurent
Intrigue in Manhattan Graham, Baldwin
Is Anybody There? Caine, Milner
It Happened One Night Gable, Colbert
It's Complicated Streep, Martin, Baldwin
Jack Goes Boating Hoffman, Ryan, Ortiz
Jewel in the Crown Aschcroft, Woolridge, Pigot-Smith
Jiro Dreams of Sushi
John Adams - HBO Series Giamatti, Linney
Juno Page, Cera, Gardner
Kill Bill 2 Thurman, Carradine 
Kind Lady Barrymore, Evans, Lansbury
King Kong Brodie, 
King of California Douglas, Racel Wood
Kinky Boots
Kinsey Neeson. Linney 
Lady Chatterley Hands, Girardot, Verley
Larry Crowne Hanks. Roberts
Lars and the Real Girl Golsling, Mortimer
Last Chance Harvey Hoffman, Thompson
Lawrence Of Arabia O'Toole, Sharif, Quinn 
Left Luggage Rossellini, Schell, Topol 
Legend of the Guardians Animation (Owls)
Life as we Know It Heigl, Duhame
Lili Marleen Schygulla, Giannini, Ferrer
Lincoln Day-Lewis, Fields
Lion in Winter O'Toole, Hepburn
Little Children Winslet, Connelly, Wilson
Little Fockers De Niro, Stiller, Wilson
Lonely Are The Brave Douglas, Matthau, Rowlands
Lorna's Silence Dobroshi, Renier, Roncione
Lost in Translation Murray, Johansson 
Love & Other Drugs Gyllenhaal, Hathway
Love in The Time of Cholera Bardem,Mezzogiorno, Bardem
Luther Fiennes, 
Madagascar Escape 2 Africa
Made In Dagenham Hawkins, Hoskins
Mall Cop James
Mamma Mia Streep, Bronson, Firth,
Man About Town Affleck, Romijn
Man of the Year Williams
Map of the World Weaver, Moore
Margin Call Spacey, Brettany, Irons
Maria Anomnette Dunst
Maria Full of Grace Moreno, Ariza, Vega
Master and Commander of the Crowe 
Match Point Meyers, Armstrong 
Matchstick Men Cage, Rockwell 
Me & Orson Welles Efron,  Danes, McKay
Meet the Mobsters Fiore, Curatola
Melancholia Dunst, Gainsbourgh 
Memoirs of a Geisha 
Merchant of Venice Pacino. Fiennes,Collins.Irons
Milk Penn, Hirsch, Bolin
Mirror Mirror Roberts, Collins 
Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day McDormand, Adams
Monster in Law Lopez, Fonda,Vartan, Sykes 
Mr Brooks Costner
Mrs Harris Bening, Kingsley
Mrs Henderson - Gone GH Dench, Hoskins, Guest, Reilly 
Munich Craig, Baner 
Murder on the Orient Express Suchet
Music and Lyrics Grant, Barrymore
My Fake Finance Joan Hart, Lawrence
My Life in Ruins Vardalos, Dreyfuss
My Sister's Keeper Diaz, Breslin
My Week with Marilyn Williams, Branagh, Dench 
New in Town Zellweger, Connick Jr
Night at the Museum: Smiths Stiller, Adams, Williams
Night Train Glover, Zahn
Nine Day Lewis, Dench, Kidman
No Country for Old Men Jones, Bardem, Brolin
No Reservations Zeta-Jones, Eckhart
Nordwand (North Face) Furman, Lukas
Normal Lange, Wilkinson
North Country Theron, Spaceck, Harrelson, Bean 
Nothing but the Truth Dillon, Bassett, Beckinsale
O' Horten Owe
Oceans Bronson -  Narrator
Old Dogs Travolta, Williams
Ondine Colin Farrell, Bachleda
Open Range Duvall,Costner,Bennig 
Out of Africa Redford, Streep
Out of the Past Mitchum, Douglas, Greer
Outsourced Hamilton, Smith
Pan's Labyrinth
Perfume Wishaw, Rickman, Hoffman
Peter's Meteor Fricker, Molina, Myers 
Pixar Animated Shorts    
Pizza Embry, Sparks
Prarie Home Companion Harrelson, Lee Jones, Keillor
Pride Hopward, Mac, Arnold
Public Enemies Depp, Bale
Quantum of Solace Craig, Dench
Quartet Smith, Courtney, Connolly
Raising Helen Hudson, Corbett
Real Steel Jackman,  Goyo 
Real Women Have Curves Ferrera, Ontiveros
RED Willis, Freemna, Mirren
Relative Values Andrews, Atterton, Baldwin, Firth
Religulous Bill Maher
Revolutionary Road DiCaprio, Winslet
Ripley's Game Malkovich, winstone
Rise of the Planet of the Apes Franco, Pinto, Lithgow
RKO 281 Schreiber, Griffith, Cromwall
Robot & Frank Langella, Saarsgard
Runaway Jury Hoffman, Cusack, 
Ryan's Daughter Mitchum, Mills, Miles
Salmon Fishing in the Yemen Blunt, McGregor
Season of the Witch Cage, Perlman
Secretariat Lane, Malkovich
Separate Lies Watson, Wilkinson, Everett
Seven Days In Utopia Duvall, Leo 
Sexy Beast Winstone, Kingsley, McShane 
Shakespeare in Love Paltrow, Fiennes, Rush, Firth
Sheltering Sky Winger. Malkovich 
Shopgirl Martin. Danes, Schwartzman 
Shrek Forever After Murphy, Myers, Diaz, Banderas
Shrink Spacey
Silver City Hannah, Cooper, Dreyfuss, Houston
Slumdog Millionaire
Small Time Crooks Allen, Darrow, Grant, May
Solitary Man Douglas, Sarandon, Devito
Some Came Running Sinatra, Martin, MacClaine
Somewhere Dorff, Fanning
Sorcer's Apprentice Cage, Baruchel
Source Code Gyllenhaal, Monaghan
Spanglish Sandler 
Stage Beauty Crudup, Danes 
Star Trek (2009) Pine, Quinto, Nimoy
State of Play Crowe, Affleck McAdams. Mirren
Sunshine Cleaners Adams, Blunt, Arkin
Suspicion Grant, Fontaine 
Suspicion Grant, Fontaine
Sweeney Todd Depp, Carter, Rickman
Sweet & Lowdown Thurman, Penn, Morton 
Sweet November Reeves, Theron
Swing Vote Costner, Carroll, Graham, Hopper
Syriana Clooney, Damon 
Taking Pelham 1 2 3 Washington, Travolta
Tangled Annimation
Tenderness Crowe, Foster, Traub
Tess Kinski, Firth, Lawson 
The 40 Year Old Virgin Carell 
The Affair of the Necklace Swank, Pryce, Baker
The Amazing Spiderman Garfield, Stone, Sheen 
The American Clooney, Placido
The Artist Dujardin, Bejo
The Astonaut's Wife Depp, Theron
The Ballad of the Sad Café Redgrave
The Blind Side Bullock
The Bourne Ultimatum Damon
The Brothers Bloom Brody, Weisz, Ruffalo
The Brothers Grimm Damon, Ledger 
The Center of the World Sasgaard, Edelman
The Clearing Redford, Mirren, Dafoe 
The Conspirator McAvoy, Kline, Wright, Wood
The Constant Gardner Fiennes, WeisZ
The Cry of the Owl Considine, Stiles
The Deal Macy, Ryan
The Debt Mirren, Worthington
The Dilemma Vaugh, Ryder, James
The Door in the Floor Bridges, Basinger 
The Duchess Knightley, Fiennes
The Eagle Tatum, Goz
The Edukators Bruhl, Jentsch, Erceg 
The Fighter Whalberg, Bale, Adams
The Girl in the Café Nighy, Macdonald
The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets Nest Nyqvist, Rapace
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Nyqvist, Rapace
The Good Shephard Damon, Jolie, DeNiro
The Great Buck Howard Malkovich, Hanks, Zahn 
The Green Hornet Rogen, Chou
The Grinch Carrey 
The Hangover Cooper, Helms, Bartha
The Harmonists 
The Help Stone, Davis, Howard
The Hurt Locker Renner, Mackie
The Ice Storm Kline, Allen, Weaver
The Ides of March Clooney, Gosing, Giamatti
The Illusionist Norton, Giamanti, Biel
The Informant Damon, Carol, Jamison
The Interpreter Kidman, Penn 
The Kid with the Bike France, Dores
The Kids Are All Right Bening, Ruffano, Mcore
The Kite Runner
The Lady Vanishes Lockwood, Redgrave
The Lake House Reeves, Bullock
The Last of the Blonde Bombshells Dench, Holm, Dukasis
The Last Station Mirren, Plummer
The Legend of Zorro Banderas, Zeta-Jones 
The Lemon Sisters Keaton, Kane, Crody, Gould
The Life Aquatic Murray, Blanchett, Houston, Goldblum 
The Lincoln Lawyer  McConaughey, Tomei
The Loved One Morse, Winters, Comer and many more 
The Lovely Bones Tucci, Whalberg, Sarandon
The L-Shaped Room
The Luzhin Defense Turturro, Watson 
The Luzhin Defense Turturro, Watson 
The Magnetist's Fifth Winter Lassgard, Sallastrom
The Maiden Heist Freemna, Walken, Macy, Harden
The Man Who Cried Depp, Blanchett, Turturro
The Matador Bronson, Kinnear 
The Men Who Stare at Goats Clooney, Bridges, McGregor
The Moonlighter Stanwyck, MacMurray
The Notebook Ivey, Rowlands, Gardner 
The Open Road Bridges, Timberlake
The Oxford Murders Wood, Hurt, Watling
The Painted Veil Watts, Norton
The Picture of Dorian Gray Sanders, Hatfield, Lansbury
The Pillars of the Earrth 8-part Mini Series
The Pirates; Band of Misfits Grant, Freeman, Piven 
The Prestige Jackman, Bale, Caine, Johansen
The Proposal Bullock, Retnolds
The Pursuit of Hapyness Smith
The Quiet Man Wayne. Ohara 
The Seventh Stream Glenn, Burrows 
The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants Tamblyn, Ferrera, Lively, Bledel 
The Social Network Eisenberg, Garfield
The Station Agent Dinkelage, Clarkson, Cannavale, Williams 
The Third Man Welles, Cotton. Valli, Howard
The Town Affleck, Hall, Hamm
The Tree of Life Pitt, Penn, Chastain
The Violinist 
The War of 1812 Documentary
The Weather Man Cage 
The White  Countess Fiennes, Richardson, Redgrave
The White Masai Hoss,
The White Ribbon Freidel
The Whole Nine Yards Perry, Duncan, Hestridge 
Then She Found Me Broderick, Firth, Hunt, Midler
There Will Be Blood Day-Lewis
Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy Oldman, Hurt, Firth
To Die For Kidma, Dillon, Phoenix
Towelhead Eckhart, Collette, Bello
Trans America Huffman, Zegers, Flannagan 
Transiberean Harrelson, Kingsley, Mortimer
Trauma Firth, Suvari 
Triumph of Love Soryino, Shaw, Rodan, Stirling, Kingsley 
Two Lovers Phoenix, Paltrow, Shaw
Under the Tuscan Sun Lane 
Unknown Neeson, Kruger, Quinn, Langella
Valkyrie Cruise
Vanity Fair Witherspoon 
Vantage Point Quaid, Whitiker, Weaver
Vatel Thurman, Depardieu, Roth 
Venus O'Toole, Redgrave Whittiker
Vera Drake 
Vicky Cristina Barcelona Barem, Cruz, Johansson,
Volver Cruz
Wake Phillips, Sommerhalder
Wallace & Gromit The Curse of the Were Rabbit 
War Horse Irvine, Mullen, Watson   
Water for Elephants Witherspoon, Patterson
We Own the Night Phoenix,Wahlberg, Mendes, Duvall
What Just Happened DeNiro, Penn, Tucci, Turturro
Whatever Works Begley Jr, Clarkson, David. Hill
Where the Wild Things Are
Winnie the Pooh
Wishful Drinking Carrie Fisher
Wonder Boys Douglas, Holmes, Maguire, Downey Jr 
Yes Man Carrey
You Don't Know Jack-no end Pacino, Vacarro
You Will Meet Atall Dark Stranger Hopkins, Brolin, Bandersa
Young Frankenstein Wilder, Kahn, Feldman, Boyle, Garr, Leachman 
Yours, Mine & Ours Quaid, Russo
Zorba The Greek Quinn, Bates, Papas 


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