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The Akumal Telephone Book(s)

NOTE: The Staff continues to find it very confusing when dialing a cell phone.  What you dial seems to be a function of dialing from another cell phone or a hard Telmex line, and it is also dependent on where the cell phone you are calling is located.  One thing is certain - or so it seems - is that you need to precede the cell phone number with 044 or 045 when dialing from a hard Telmex line.  The 044 is for 'local' cell phones, and the 045 is for long distance (Cancun with 998 area code) cell phones.

                   First Name
                   Last Name
                   House Name

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The Telephone Books may take an extended period of time to load, so please be patient.

This is another one of those things that came about as a result of conversations at the Lol-Ha Beach Bar, this in the Fall of 2005, and while the format and content might not be what was envisioned at that time, here is some semblance of Akumal's first telephone book.  In reality, the term "telephone book" may be somewhat of a mis-nomer, because this is more like an e-mail Address Book, with some telephone numbers thrown in.  Basically, everyone who lives or visits Akumal has an e-mail address, but not everyone has an Akumal telephone number.

There's another thing about Akumal that makes a telephone book a little tedious, and that is the fact that most people are known only by their first name, or the house/condominium they own/rent.  So, to make a telephone book really effective, it has been divided and organized into five segments, and for the first four, all the information is exactly the same, only ordered by different parameters; i.e. First Name, Last Name, House Name, and Location.

Akumal has four sections, and they are North, Central, South, and West (the Pueblo). Jade (Beach) and Aventuras (Akumal) are so identified.  Need some help with people now populating 'The Jungle' across the highway and SIRENAS.

Another unique feature about this Akumal Telephone Book is that it lists both partners as individual entities, versus just Ingrid & Steve Clouther; i.e. there's an entry for Ingrid Clouther and another one for Steve Clouther.

As you look through the listings, there is a small probability that you will find some errors and/or omissions, and they are based on the old GIGO (garbage in, garbage out) philosophy. Therefore, you are requested to submit any discrepancies or additions to The Staff , and they will be incorporated in the next update.

Besides any discrepancies and additions, it would be extremely beneficial if you would also submit the pertinent information about good trades-people (carpenters, plumbers, electricians, TV Satellite technicians, computer repairmen,  contractors, lawyers, notaries, doctors, dentists, plastic surgeons, etc.) you know.  Locating a good technician is always a difficult task in Margaritaville.




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