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Quintana Roo, Mexico

Taberna de los Frailes, March 14, 2012

Steve & Ingrid Clouther and Bob & Diane Mather had a wonderful day trip to Valladolid, which started with a fantabulous tour of the extraordinary Casa de los Venados and ended with lunch at Taberna de los Frailes (Tavern of the Friars), which is very conveniently located right beside the The Monastery of Saint Bernardino of Siena.

This restaurant is voted as the #1 restaurant in Valladolid by Trip Advisor, and it did not disappoint.  It, like the monastery, is a little out of the way from the central square, but it is definitely worth the extra effort.


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The entrance is right beside the Monastery of Saint Bernardino of Siena, so parking is a breeze.

We started off with our free drink - three Margaritas and one Pina Colada - compliments of Casa de los Venados.

Right inside the entrance is the bar.

Off to the right is a small, secluded alcove for VIP dining.

The bar area for a drink while waiting for a table.

Down a short path is the palapa dining area.

We took the table down at the end to catch the slight breeze.

The menu is very nice and traditional Mexican.

SteveC had the Sopa de Lima as an appetizer.

SteveC then had the Relleno Negro - Medallions of turkey breast stuffed with pork and hard boiled egg in a thick, spicy Mayan black pepper sauce.

IngridC and Bob had the Tamales. Diane had the Beef Fajitas.

Looking back towards the bar and exit.

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