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Quintana Roo, Mexico


Chatham/Cape Cod Trip, Sept-Oct 2011

The Staff went to Cape Cod for the nights of September 30 and October 1 as a venture looking into Chatham as a remote site for publishing The Akumalian.  The October issue of The Akumalian was published from the Chatham Guest Rooms, which is highlighted in the first six photos below.  The Staff was in the Main Suite - basically a small apartment - in the same building that houses Maps of Antiquity, and the Wi-Fi was excellent, and the October issue was published without any hic-cups at all.

The weather was very co-operative, with rain in the evening and early morning, but then clearing up nicely during the day.  The photos from P'town attest to that.

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This is the Chatham Guest Rooms where we stayed. The front part of the building is Maps of Antiquity.

This is the bedroom in the Main Suite as seen from the kitchen.

Sitting area in The Library.

Fireplace and bookshelves in The Library

Looking towards the dining area, kitchen and entrance from the bedroom.

Nice woodwork and use of space in the bathroom.

More of the bathroom, which also had a Jacuzzi tub.

On Friday evening we went to Chillingsworth in Brewster for dinner; excellent as usual.

On Saturday, the weather cleared, and we headed to P'town.

After spending some time and money in town, we headed out to Race Point and the Life Saving Station.

It just happened to be OPEN, so we had a chance to look around inside.

Here's the 'learn How to Tie Knots' board.

A cannon used to shoot a rope line over to a floundering ship.

The long boats used for the rescue.

Looking out from the tower across the dunes to the Atlantic Ocean.

Life Saving Station

The grasses in the late afternoon sunlight.

Another view of the Life Saving Station.

An unusual cloud formation. That's the P'town monument on the horizon.


On the return trip to Chatham, we stopped in the Bookstore Restaurant in Wellfleet.

A half dozen oysters and a lobster for Ingrid.

Lookin' good.