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Akumal's Residents and Property Owners - Part II

Under Construction - Looking for More Akumalians

This Gallery is focused on the people who live and work in Akumal, as well as property owners who frequent Akumal on a fairly regular basis.  If you run your cursor over a photo, you will see the names of the people in the photo, and by clicking on the photo you get a larger image.

 There is another Photo Gallery for People of Akumal and Friends of Akumal.  Maybe, over time, this can become a very useful vehicle for identifying people you meet at the Beach Bar; we have all had that experience of meeting some one, knowing we met them, but just cannot remember the name(s).  Maybe, this will help.  Once you have the image and the name, go to the Akumal Telephone book to find out where they live and the telephone number.

If you have a digital photo you want posted here, just submit it to The Akumalian with the names of the people.

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