The Akumalian

Akumal's Newsletter for its Extended Global Community
Quintana Roo, Mexico


Friends of Akumal

This is a Gallery of the "Friends of Akumal" who typically visit Akumal once every year or so.  Some have owned property here in the past, and now they just return for a visit.

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Karl & Dawn Shubert

Betty McElhatten

Stefan & Hui Schober from Hechizo

Steve Guynes

Mark & Susan Preston

Joyce Hornor and son Jim

Sharon & Steve Wandler

John & Susan Faenza

Clyde & Cindy Butler

Greg & Jana Franta

Marilyn & Jerry Fenton

Greg & Karen Goudy

Stefanie Fredette and Diane Firth

Kate Robinhawk & Charles Shaw

Gary & Paige Clemens

Ryan Fredette

Tricia & mother w Salvador

Allyson & John Sheffield

Ellie & Gary Clemens

Hagen Clemens

Paige Clemens

Bart Guynes

Don Foxx

Grace Guynes

Kevin "Redbeard" McKee

Danny and Katherine

Nick Ille & Sara Marsdaen-Ille

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