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Ryan Fredette "Boarding"

Ryan Fredette did not make it to Akumal this past February - the first time he has not come here in February in 10 years - because of his love and devotion to snow boarding.  This year (2007) Ryan stayed in Massachusetts and "boarded" on his local Mt. Wachusett as much as he could.  He also did a mini-vacation to Mt Snow in Vermont in January and then another to Mt. Abram in Maine during President's Week.

Ryan (finally) returns to Akumal on Tuesday, April 17.

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It's the end of summer and time to hang up the surf boards, and friend Sarha agrees.

Birthday (13th) time, and a great day to start accumlating the new gear (board and boots) for the 2006/2007 season.

Bobbo put together Ryan's new "friend" with jacket, gloves and goggles.

Hey, what 13 year old snowboarding fanatic can go without a Waterproof Action Camera on his helmet; Christmas gift from Humma & Bobbo.

Fianlly there's snow, so Ryan can practise in the yard.

He's working on being a poster boy for Burton equipment.

Ryan and his friends belong to the school Ski Club that goes to Mt. Wachusett every Tuesday after school.

Now, we are getting some serious air.

Go for it, Ryan. Jumping over the cone.