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Quintana Roo, Mexico


Jesse's Bachelorette Party

On Tuesday, September 11, a Bachelorette Party for Jesse Richardson was hosted at Villa Turquesa in South Akumal, and while the sub-plot was, "What happens in Villa Turquesa, stays in Villa Turquesa" The Akumalian's hidden camera captured some of the festivities, and it does look a good time was had by all.

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All the young ladies gathered at Villa Turquesa for a sedate bachelorette party for Jesse.

The hosts welcome Gerardo to the party.

And Jesse had her very best friends there to entertain.

Gerardo was showing of his muscle, but the ladies were not interested, at this point in time.

But once he was lathered up. . . .

Chelsea took the lead - "Stop, that tickles."

And Isabel had to give up her martini....

Hey, why not. That looks like fun.....

Me too. Me too. Me too....

More. More.

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