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Quintana Roo, Mexico


Groundhog Day and February "Best Shirt" Award

On Friday, February 2nd, 2007, the planets were aligned in such a fashion over Akumal that we were able to simultaneously celebrate Ground Hog Day, Robin's February Best Shirt Award, and the Full Snow Moon at the Lol Ha Beach Bar during the "normal" Friday night Happy Hour.  Bud Blatner, President of the Akumal Groundhog Day Inner Circle, did come through with a new batch of groundhog jerky from Thailand, as promised, and he circled the bar area distributing it to all the guests.  Mary Henderson once again hosted the Robin's "Best Shirt" Award, and needless to say, this phenomenon brought out all the local stars, and the men had gotten their "best shirt" out of the closet and made Mary's decision a very difficult one.

The next "Best Shirt" competition is scheduled for the first Friday of March, on the 9th, so there is plenty of time to import  some fancy shirts, now that we have some idea of what Mary and her selected panel members are leaning towards.

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Bud and Mary were the co-hosts of the evening.

And, Didiere thought the groundhog jerky from Thailand was first rate.

Betty, in from San Diego, was having a great time.

Claudia and Greta also thought the whole thing was a real hoot.

Diane, Gabriella, and Michelle were more interested in the men and the "Best Shirt" contestants.

While John and Richard hung out at the juice bar discussing Richard's shirt.

Karen and Larry weren't having anything to do with the groundhog jerky, as Larry prepared for the judging.

But, RC and Hurley were obviously much more interested in the groundhog than the Best Shirt Award.

Phoebe and Linda waiting for more groundhog jerky.

Mary Lou says, "That's the best groundhog jerky I have ever had in my whole life."

Susan - "The Lady in Black" - and her best friend, Susan, are anxiously awaiting the Best Shirt competition.

Gayle left Paul at home cooking, so she could come to the bar and pass her judgement on the Best Shirt contestants.

Mark Preston and his wife Susan flew in for the weekend of festivities. They'll be back again.

Karen and Linda are being entertained by Larry doing his imitation of the Thailand groundhog.

Macon just could not keep his eyes open when a competitor came near him.

Didiere had other things on his mind other than groundhog jerky and Best Shirt Award as Michelle nuzzles his head.

Bud gets a congratulatory hug from Diane on a job "Well Done" with the groundhog festivities.

Mary and Hollis are ready to get the Best Shirt Award trophy out of the case as the judging has been concluded.

The winner is Macon Gravlee, shown here accepting the award from Mary.

Susan gives Macon a congratulatory hug, saying, "I told ya that shirt was a winner."

Unfortunately, there was unrest among some, as Bobby and George wanted a re-count. The decision is still under protest.

Barbara is suggesting to Bud that he save his shirt for next month's St Patty Day festivities.

The Robin Best Shirt Award trophy is back in its case at the beach bar where it is prominently displayed, awaiting the next competition on March 9th.