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Quintana Roo, Mexico


John's Dinner at Gabriella's

Gabriella has the good fortune of having John & Susan Faenza as very dear friends, and she was fortunate to have them visiting her in South Akumal for about two weeks in March.  John is a classically trained chef, and we were fortunate enough to have John, Susan, and Gabriella host a dinner party at Gabriella's house on Saturday, March 10th.  While these photos show that a real good time was had by all, they definitely do not do justice to John's superb dinner, and I will not even attempt to reconstruct the menu.

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Susan & John Faenza join Gabriella in the kitchen for one wonderful dinner party.

Susan and Bud toast the hosts.

Macon and Alice just hug each other, and Macon goes bug-eyed.

Terry & Lisa are just glad to be away from the planting of the palm tree(s).

While Diane takes care of Turners' grandson, Jackson.

Didiere catches SteveC catching him talking with Ingrid.

Diane's Sister, Joyce, is having an animated conversation with Cindy Butler, who is here with the Gravlees.

Steve & Alice, who is really getting around.

Terry is getting some palm tree planting advice from Macon.

Joyce Hornor with son, Jim

The food is ready!! What have you got, John?

John giving his creations one final check-out before the delicious meal is devoured.

No offense Macon, but it looks like he and Susan are about to leave.

Cindy & Clyde are ready to join them.

Joyce and Jim are on the receiving end of some sage advice.

Gabriella is dispensing golf tips for the Ryder Cup rematch between Akumal/Georgia and Austria this June.

Something, or somebody, has Jackson all smiles.

Have some more champagne, Diane.

Didiere chatting up John, trying to extract his recipes.

Lisa and Susan continue to have a fine time.