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The Kentucky Derby - Akumal Style

Once again, the Lol Ha Beach Bar was the social scene of the the 133rd running in the Kentucky Derby, won by Street Sense, under the historic palapa roof.  The crowd in Akumal was a little thinner than in previous years, but those in attendance had a MMMMMaaahhhh-velllousss time.  While there wasn't very much style or fashion, Diane definitely came away as the unofficial "Best Hat" decision over runner up, Jim.

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Once again, Mary Henderson, Akumal's offical host of the Kentucky Derby party, greets the crowd at her head table.

And the crowd was glued to their seats as they watched the ever changing odds, and the Queen, who also had a box seat.

Derby, Akumal's mascot for the Kentucky Derby was also on hand, wearing his Churchill Downs cap. Mary is hoping Derby brings her luck in the betting

Jim Ferrell comes away a winner with the SHOW ticket.

As it turns out, Mary has the PLACE ticket, and the woman to the right of Kathy has the WINNER.

Denny arrived late and was bonding with Derby, saying, "Diane should have won!"

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