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Robin's "Best Shirt" Award

We all know Robin Goble was very big on nice shirts, and he periodically made his personal "best shirt" award at the Lol Ha Beach bar, and now, his sister, Mary Henderson, is making this an official monthly Akumal Event.  On the first Friday of each month, Mary will be the judge and jury as she selects the "best shirt" worn by a male, and as we go to print the criteria are somewhat nebulous, but it looks like "coolest", "neatest", and "most colorful" might garner a lot of brownie points.      

Mary has cajoled Gerardo to award a free drink to the winner.  And, the actual trophy will be permanently and prominently displayed at the Beach Bar, behind the bar, on the top shelf.  It has been rumored that Laura / Gerardo will have a case made into which the trophy can be prominently displayed for all to see.


A special thanks goes to Bob & Diane Mather, who conceived the idea when Robin awarded his "best shirt" award to Bob last year.  Bob & Diane took the initiative and designed and commissioned the trophy for this event.  Bob & Diane are co-owners of the ground floor of Casa Zama with Margaret & Leroy Wiedman.


The first award ceremony was made on Friday, January 5th, 2007, and Mary's announcement drew a full lineup of Akumal's finest men in their best shirts there at the Beach Bar.  Mary made a wonderful politically correct decision, and awarded the first "Best Shirt" Award to the waiters at the Lol Ha Beach Bar.


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Best Shirt Trophy

Mary Presents Trophy to the Lol Ha Beach Bar Waiters

Bob Mather, with Diane, Sporting His Best Shirt Entry

Kathy Sonheim Farrell supports Jim and His Best Shirt Entry