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September "Best Shirt" Award

This month's Robin's Best Shirt Award followed right on the heels of the remembrance gathering for Bill Guynes, and one event just morphed into the other.  This made this month's very competitive and gave Mary and her panel of illustrious judges something to really think about.

Again, the competition is getting so tough, and the award so coveted, that there is a lot of negotiation and solicitation for the victory; remember July's competition and the loan of a camera. That continued this month, as Mike Cook was seen sidling up to Mary Henderson, and Steve Guynes reports that he proposed marriage to one of the judges, Isabel Schober.  Does this work?  You be the judge.

There's talk of a 2008 Best Shirt Award Calendar with the 12 winners from 2007 being honored as Shirtmates of the Month, so that leaves only three more months for any wannabes to join this select group.

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Rod Flake looks like a "contener" and Joyce offer her suport.

Jim - the Cheshire Cat - looks like he knows something, and Kathy seems to agree.

But we got some "out of towners", in this case Mark, who are here for the Bil Guyne's remembrance.

Bart Guynes and Doug Braden are going all out with their best shot.

Pablo looks like another good contender this week, and Nayeli agrees with that.

"Don't sweat it Steve. That is the winner."

Gary says, "Hey, what about my shirt?"

David Poor is looking for back-to-back wins, but Jim just doesn't agree with that.

Their wives, Nancy and Kathy, seem to have some agreement on something.

Mike Cook's strategy is to sidle up to the one who counts, Mary Henderson.

Denise and Connie are on the sidelines rooting for Roger.

"Drum roll please. And the winner is ..........

Roger Burton murmurs, "Please. Please let it be me."

"Steve Guynes, by unanimous choice."

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