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August "Best Shirt" Award

Even though August is considered a "slow" month in Akumal, there was a multitude of contestants for this month's Robin's Best Shirt Award, and they came from far (Doha, State of Qtar) and wide (Tankah and Puerto Aventuras).  Interestingly enough, the competition is getting so tough, and the award so coveted, that there is a lot of negotiation and solicitation for the victory; remember last month's competition and the loan of a camera.

There's talk of a 2008 Best Shirt Award Calendar with the 12 winners from 2007 being honored as Shirtmates of the Month, so that leaves only four more months for any wannabes to join this select group.

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Mary is back from her Russia River Cruise, and Susan Gravlee is soliciting support for her candidates.

One being Macon Gravlee, whose shirt represented his mood.

And, the other being Bob Flynn, who came down from Puerto Aventuras for the competition.

However, David Poor, looking like the Cheshire Cat, seems quite confident of victory.

Hugh Cook feels like he has the inside track with an original Robin shirt.

Linda and Kathy are co-judges with Mary, and they have counted a lot of serious contenders.

Another one is Hurley Hackler, who is still looking for his first win.

Neil Humphreys feels that his hand selected shirt from Mauritius Island, off the southeast coast of Africa is THE winner.

Mary explains the rulles to Hugh and Neil about how ties are resolved.

SteveC stands silently soliciting support for his second victory of the year.

IngridC listens to Katie and Ellie describe how wonderful their dad's shirt is.

And Lucy James admiringly looks at Neil's shirt.

Loretta Flynn and Susan Gravlee are urging Bob and Macon to be more aggressive with the judges.

And Lucy continues to focus on Neil's shirt, with Ellie and Paula looking on.

"Come on Isabel, a shoulder massage for your vote."

And the winner of the August Best Shirt Award is David Poor.

And just as the judging closed and David accepted victory, Red Beard arrived (late) with his colorful entry.

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