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Quintana Roo, Mexico


July "Best Shirt" Award

Mary Henderson, the host, judge, and jury for the "Robin Best Shirt Award" made an executive decision to move the July event up to Wednesday, July 4th, because she was to leave for Spain and Russia on Friday morning.  This date change did not dampen the enthusiasm and participation, and in fact it may have even heightened it.  There was an excellent turn out and a fine selection of shirts, thus making the judge's decision that much more difficult.  An early morning e-mail to the judge did not help, but the loan of a camera worked wonders.

Besides celebrating the Fourth of July and the Best Shirt Event, the group of attendees also celebrated the two plaques that were recently installed into the bar by Laura.  One remembers Robin Goble as a devotee of "Hora Feliz", and the other remembers "Tio" Bob Mulgrew as a "True friend of Akumal".

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Robin Goble's plaque embedded into the bar at his favorite spot.

"Tio" Bob's Plaque at his favorite spot at the bar.

Having just returned from Cape Cod, Ingrid supplied the lobster.

And, there was more than enough to go around for the large crowd.

Bruce, with Ellen, was making his first run at the "Best Shirt Award"

And Bud had another Philly shirt trying for a repeat win.

But, Ingrid was out soliciting support for SteveC

Pablo Diaz was sporting a very handsome shirt and looked like a "serious contender."

Ellen was also out drumming up support for Bruce.

Alice admitted to being there when Bud bought this shirt, and he even got her to be in this picture with him.

Paul admitted that he was offering Mary the use of his camera for her trip to Russia, so he is now the favorite.

SteveC says, "It's the 4th of July. You're either with me, or against the flag."

"Charlene, you gotta vote for SteveC and that shirt, right."

Mary is about to announce the winner of the July 2007 "Robin Best Shirt Award".

"SteveC gets Honorable Mention, and Bud is the 1st Runner Up, and the Winner is Paul Sanchez-Navarro."

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