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Quintana Roo, Mexico


May "Best Shirt" Award

As Akumal heads into summer, the throng of contestants continues to dwindle down, but those that remain are going all out to win the coveted "Best Shirt" award, and May was no exception.  However, Bob Mulgrew continues to be a No Show, and in a later interview he declared that he has withdrawn from the monthly competition, exiting with, "I can win the "Best Shirt" award any time I want to."  He must be waiting for September or October when he'll be the only one in Akumal.

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Gerardo, Denny and Hurley trying to stare down the judges.

"Forget it guys, I'm a sure thing."

The on-lookers are waiting the judges' final decision, and

Gayle comments, "One of these two guys are going to win".

"And the wnner is, . . . . . Jim Power."

"Whoa, another bad call against the Yankees. Are they blind?"

"What is this?. They keep overlooking the women and their 'best blouses and shirts'".

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