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Quintana Roo, Mexico


March "Best Shirt" Award

On Friday, March 2nd, (first Friday of the month) Akumal's finest were drawn to the Lol Ha Beach Bar for the March issue of the Robin's best Shirt Award.  According to the judges, it was a very close competition, but then they declared a winner "by unanimous choice".  Once again, some of the losers declared "Fix", but then again, we still are in the dark on Mary's defined criteria.

There were three (3) Steves in this month's competition, and one of them won.


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The judges, Mary & Karla.

Richard and Bud were not too interested in the competiton as they re-hashed Friday's Akumal Council meeting.

Dave Bliss didn't seem to be in the running either, but he got plenty of support from Michele.

Gerardo got The Akumalian's vote, but he did not cut the mustard with the judges.

John, supported by Susan, could have been a contender, but they arrived after the judge's decision.

And the winner is Steve Holtz from Aventuras Akumal, shown here receiving the trophy from Mary.

Richard still claims to be "Number 1" and it seems that Arlene agrees with him.

Steve returns the trophy to its display case, where it remains until Friday, April 6.

Steve Wandler gave it his best shot, and he receives encouragement from Sharon, who said, "Forget it, we're going home tomorrow."

SteveC and Richard went to La Buena Vida with Ingrid and Arlene to drown their sorrows of losing.

Michelle could care less about the whole thing. Here's the real number 1.

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