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Quintana Roo, Mexico

December "Best Shirt" Award

The final "Best Shirt Award" of 2007 was not quite as colorful as last month's, but it still was a tough decision for Mary and her panel of co-judges.  The event was quite well attended, and a good time was had by all.

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Bob Anders and Wendell Day do a shirt comparison.

Bud Blatner is getting "best shirt" advice from Rhett Schober.

Hurley is looking kinda smug, like he knows something about the outcome.

Isabel Schober cuddles up to her new friend.

Lorraine Garay and Linda Day giving encouragement for Wendell's chances.

Gerardo Dominquez is looking like a winner as he cuddles up to Mary.

Sherwood Anders is still pushing for a woman winner.

Isabel Schober and Phoebe Barriett are part of the judging committee.

Ingrid Clouther being mistaken as a judge by Rhett.

Phoebe looking at the trophy, being held by Mary, in awe.

Mary announcing, "The winner of the December 2007 Robin Best Shirt Award is. . . . .

Bob Anders"

Sherwood and Bob looking good as a competitors for a couples award.

SteveC looking somewhat dejected, as he had high hopes of being the only two-time winner in 2007.