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Quintana Roo, Mexico


November "Best Shirt" Award

There was something about this month's Robin's "Best Shirt" competition that brought the true peacock colors of the male population in Akumal, and this made it an extremely difficult decision for Mary and her assistant judges.  Mary tried to narrow the field down, by having them perform a high kicking imitation of the Rockettes.  The competitors balked however, when Mary asked them to perform on top of the bar.

All in all, it definitely looks like a very good time was had by all.

However, the competition is going to be even stiffer in December, as Bud Blatner and Steve Clouther return to Akumal specifically for the December 7th (Pearl Harbor Day) competition, and it is rumored that Bud has a special edition of the solid gold King Tut shirt from that exhibition in Philly.

Special Thanks to Mary  for the photos (Scott??) and some of the descriptions.


While there's no mention of a bribe, Bob Mather tells Mary, "Don't look at those other shirts, Mary. Mine's the best!".

Sherwood Andres tells Chery, "That's nothing, wait to you see Bob's".

Wendell Day is a bit subdued in his Johnny Cash imitation as he looks for 2-in-a-row.

Bob Anders thinks he is sitting pretty for this one.

Bob Mather holds onto Diane for support as they look over the formidable competition.

Judy Holtz and Linda Day are discussing what it will take for their husbands to take home the prize.

Who are these two colorful dudes????

They are being "checked out" bu Lucy, Mary, and David Poore, who wants to be the 1st 2-time winner.

There's a loud cry of "Foul" and "Cheat" from the competitors, as Sherwood illegaly presents the trophy to Bob.

All the competitors line up for their imitation of the Rockettes.

SteveC was unable to make this month's competition, but he phoned in this entry.

Mary and Dutch, houseguests at Casa Romero, are looking kinda smug.

Lydia, Lucy, and Mary form this month's offical Judging Committee, and they definitely have a tough decision.

Mary has the judges' final decision, and she is just teasing the chorus line into one more kick.

The "Best Shirt" Award for November goes to Bob Mather.

Whatever Bob said to Mary earlier in the evening certainly paid off. Congratulations.

Mary gently whispers into Bob's ear, "It's pay back time."