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Quintana Roo, Mexico


October "Best Shirt" Award

This was the first month that SteveC was not there to challenge the other wanna-bees, but it still turned out to be a very hotly contested event that even had David Poor crying "Foul".

Thanks go to Bud Blatner for recording the event, and to Mary Henderson for providing some of the text for the photos.


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Annette was well escorted by Chris, Brent, and Linsey who questioned the rules against T-shirts.

Don Papa was snugling up to Mary with the same question.

David & Nancy Poor are back trying to get a second victory for David, but . . . . .

Doug from Houston negated any chances David might have had.

Wendell Day has strong support from Sue Beth

Alice keeps shirking away from Bud's attempts to garner his second award of 2007; no wonder.

Sherwood & Bob Anders are looking good, and this may give Mary more 'food-for-thought' about 2008.

"Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of the October "Best Shirt Award" is. . . . . . . .

Wendell Day. Congratulations.

Wendell and his trophy before a victory swim around Akumal Bay.

A dejected Bob Anders get consoled by Sherwood.. "Wait'll next year."

Just for the record, SteveC phoned in this entry, but it was disqualified for being body-less.

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