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September Birthdays

There are a number of birthdays to celebrate in September, including Claudia Tolenterio (5th), Scott Brown (7th), Mary Henderson (14th), Gabi (14th), Jen Smith (16th), Shari Stern (16th), Macon Gravlee (27th), and Richard Pargot (30th), to say nothing of Ryan and Bob Fredette on the 27th.  On Friday, September 14th, a huge crowd gathered at the Lol Ha Beach Bar to celebrate all of these, but with a little more emphasis on Mary Henderson.  Happy Birthday to one and all.

Besides these birthdays, two prominent Akumal couples celebrated their wedding anniversary on Tuesday, September 18th, but these were not acknowledge at the birthday party.  Happy Anniversary to Denny & Diane Mahan and David & Laura Wolfe.

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Mary Henderson and Diane Mahan checking out some of Mary's presents.

One of Mary's neatest presents is the clock that tells time, temperature, humidity and weather when rotated.

Gaby Orvananos and Claudia Tolenterio. It was Gaby's birthday too. Claudia's birthday was on the 5th.

Joyce Flake and IngridC check out the presents and guests.

Ron & Shari Stern are also enjoying the festivities, and Shari's Birthday is on Sunday, the 16th.

Whoa, now that's a BIG shirt......

Is Annette laughing at that or shoving a piece of cake into her mouth?

Diane and Ingrid are comparing the palm trees on their shirts.

Gabi being wished "Happy Birthday" by Myrna & Gary Sparks.

Sharon Winkel and Myrna wishing Shari "Happy Birthday"

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