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Quintana Roo, Mexico


Akumal Council General Meeting, September 7, 2007

The fall General Meeting of the  Consejo de Desarrollo de Akumal, A.C. (the Akumal Council) was held on Friday, September 7th in old Fidecaribe Building, which is now the Akumal Tourist Center and Police Station, once the remodeling and refurbishing are complete.

The meeting was conducted by the Akumal Council President, Gonzalo Aricila, and he kicked things off by thanking David Wolfe for providing the electricity and air conditioning for the meeting.  He also thanked Laura Wolfe for providing the chairs, tables and refreshments.


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The meeting has held in the New Office of the Akumal Council above the new police station.

It was a challenge to get to the meeting.

Once there the Board of Directors conducted a well organized meeting

that was quite well attended by 17 members.

Lic. Carlos Vincente Munoz Jimenez provided the Police Report.

Also in attendance was Cmdte. Rodolfo Del Angel Campos.

The remodeled bus stop with the sign for the Akumal Council.

As good as this is, it needs some trash cans and regular trash collection.

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