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Quintana Roo, Mexico


Academy Awards "Event" At Lol Ha Beach Bar

On Sunday, February 25, 2007, the Akumal Academy Awards event was once again held at world famous Lol Ha Beach Bar amid swaying palms under a warm tropical sky.  Punctuated by a multicultural array of world talent and a diversified list of films, Laura Bush and Marcy Essay hosted the red carpet introductions and interviews with their mixture of candor and inquisitiveness. And, they even were able to get the normal reticent Martin Scorsese to predict his win as Best Director; he already had his Oscar on the red carpet.  That's confidence.

And, Martin Scorsese did actually win, and The Departed also won Best Picture.



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Laura and Marcy are prepared and ready to greet the stars as the enter the Lol Ha Beach Bar Pavilion.

They even have their Paul Papparazzi loaded down with cameras and film to record the event of the season.

The unflappable Maitre d', Gerardo, pulled out his best tuxedo for the glittering array of guests.

Angelina Joilie's cousin, Diane, was the first down the red carpet, and she divulged some key tidbits on Brad.

Laura and Marcy were able to capture "Auntie Mame" - a ka' Mary Henderson - for an interview and a little song & dance number on the red carpet.

More of the papparazzi are scrambling for postion along the red carpet. Who is coming next?

Laura has the former Mousekateer, Annette Funicello (Isabel Schober) talking about her glory days with Mickey.

Laura was very fortunate to capture a few song filled moments with Sangalo, famous Brazilian singer, and Queen of Carnival, who just arrived from Rio.

Nan Armstrong played it low key, as opposed to last year's awards and her famous stint in "Coconut Cabaret"

Bob & Sherwood Anders were among the hundreds who filled the bleachers along the red carpet entrance way. Sherwood is having more fun than Bob.

Auntie Mame relaxing along the bar, waiting for the next Cosmopolitan.

Laura interviewing the world renowned columist and TV host, Sherwood Anders, who was flown in especially for this Akumal event.

The real "queen", Betty, keeps a low profile in the front row of the Pavilion.

Martin Scorsese, aka' SteveC, makes a prediction that he will win Best Director, and his "Boys from Boston" have already secured the Oscar for him.

Check Marty's shoes out. Only in Akumalwood. Marty had many believing he was Frank Costello.

Paul Papperazzi trying to get the next scoop on Brad and Angelina from Diane.

Hollis and Betty are absolutely enthraled by the whole evening as the drama unfolds unabated.

Auntie Mame and Annette look on anxiously, knowing that they, along with Peter O'Toole, are not going to win tonight.

Auntie Mame and Martin Scorsese celebrate at the Governor's Ball in downtown Akumal at the party to end all parties.