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Quintana Roo, Mexico

Hurricane Dean and Akumal and Environs

Hurricane Dean was the strongest hurricane to make landfall in two decades when it came ashore just north of the states's capital, Chetumal - actually around Bacalar - in the early hours of Tuesday, August 21 with winds of 165 miles per hour.  Akumal is about 100+ mile north of Bacalar, and the forecast was for tropical force winds.  Wind and rain were not the problem along the Riviera Maya, but the storm surge and waves were, and the waves caused about as much seaside damage as did Emily and Wilma back in 2005.

These photos here concentrate on  Akumal, and another Photo Gallery looks at Casa Colibri in South Akumal.  If you have some more photos, they can be added here.

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The light poles are down! There are no lights on the highway. No light pollution!

Kathy's house - not bad.

Kathy's entrance way.

Casa Cenote

Hurley's vehicle buried in sand, again.

The Lol Ha Beach bar is empty.

The Beach Bar wall did not withstand the force of the surf.

The Akumal beach is closed to swimmers, and . . .

boating. No boats in Akumal Bay!!

They have all been pulled way up on shore.

In N. Akumal, Half Moon Bay got hit pretty bad. This is the beginning of la Buena Vida.

Right across the street. Are these from Dean or Wilma?

Looking back towards La Buena Vida.

One of the side streets up by the Lagoon/Kathy's.

Aventuras Akumal condo pool

Aventuras Akumal

Aventuras Akumal

OASIS Akumal units

Las Hamacas in South Akumal

Los Primos in South Akumal

Los Primos' swimming pool

Driveway in front of Las Vigas has collected some debris.

Las Vigas parking area

Las Vigas front entrance

Las Vigas

Lagoon from Las Vigas

Las Vigas back patio

August 28th - the road in Akumal Point development

8/28 - the wall that was rebuilt after Emily and Wilma in 2005 is. .

once again smashed and scattered about.

And, this is actually a long way from the water's edge.

Looking over towards OASIS Akumal from the point.

8/28 - One week after Dean. The bottome floor units at OASIS were totally overswamped with rock.

OASIS ground floor units.

OASIS got lots of rocks from DEAN.

OASIS always had lots of sand.

8/28 - Aventuras Akumal condo pool needs wall rebuilt.

8/28 - These next few pictures won't mean much unless you had once walked on the rocks between S Akumal and Aventuras Akuma. This is going towards SA.

This used to be a narrow path, but now. . . .

This is where Joseph & Michele had the wall built just south of South Akumal.

The wind did not damage this guard palapa, but the water surge undermined it. Very interesting...

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