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 Robin's Best Shirt Award, July 4, 2014

This month's Best Shirt Award fell on July 4th, Independence Day, and this event seemed to be free of the usual crowds that throng to the Lol Ha Beach Bar for this important event that is known, and viewed, around the globe; with a little innovation that could happen.  Anyway, as you see, the contestants were somewhat limited, and that made the judges decision are real tough one, with a couple of sentimental favorites leading the pack.


Thanks to David Zucker for providing the photos as The Akumalian's on-site photographer.


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Carolyn Harris and Hgh Maynard are on hand, celebrating the 4th and RBSA.

Mary Henderson, Marianne, and Lou are also here, and Lou might be a contendor.

David Zucker is definitely looking like he is giving this his best shot.

Stephanie Motley says, "No way Jose. Wait till you see Russ."

Yup, here is Russ with his outstanding entry. Is it enough for #8?

Randy & Susan are all smiles, so maybe Russ does have a chance.

Here are the judges making that all very important decision for this July 4th event.

Lou is giving it one last shot with Mary before the decision is handed down.

Marguerite Kirk is making a special appearance at this month's RBSA to see who will take the coveted prize.

The winner of the July 2014 RBSA is David Zucker.

Congratulations David. Well done.

The huge crowd gathers around to celebrate David's victory.

Mark your calendar, because the August event falls on August 1st!!

Since the summer crowds are thin, there is a motion to allow FaceTime entries from remote locations to keep the event highly competitive.

The device at Lol Ha could be easily connected to one, if not multiple TVs at the bar, for better viewing.

Yeah, I think that is a great idea.

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