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 Robin's Best Shirt Award, June 6, 2014

June is the month when a number of snowbirds arrive from near and far, especially those tied to a school year.  There was a real good crowd at the beach bar on Friday, June 6th to go after Robin's Best Shirt Award (RSBA), and Mary had to expand the Judging Committee to four people to endure they really did get the 'best shirt'.  It was tough, as the photos below attest, but it is a tough job, and somebody has to do it.

Apologies for some missing names, or perhaps mis-spelled names, but this is what The Staff has as it prepares to head of to its 'locals night' on Cape Cod, with salty air, sand dunes, and fog.

Thanks to David Zucker for the photos.


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Smiling on-lookers without a chance at RBSA.

Susanne & Bery are looking up to the challenge.

Alison & Dean Keegan are looking smart, albeit without a chance at the award.

Mary welcomes Hugh Maynard back to Akumal and Robin's Best Shirt Award.

Neil Humphreys is also back in town with a spectacular shirt.

Carly has a smiles to light up the beach bar and encourage the contestatnts.

Nan Armstrong and Stephanie Motley are all enthusiastic about the contestants.

Here is Annette and another of the judges.

Shari Stern shares a moment with Paula & Neil Humphreys.

Russ Motley stands alone as he goes for his 8th - yes 8th - Best Shirt Award. Can he do it??

Mary and Shari with a mutual friend.

Sherwood & Bob Anders take a quiet moment away from the crowd. Bob is really in the running this month.

Peggy & Mike Stone are back, and Mike is really in the running tonight.

The judges; there are four this month because of the very stiff competition.

Looking good, but is it good enough for the judges?

NOPE!! Mike Stone wins RBSA for June 2014.

Congratulations Mike. That is hands-down the Best Shirt.

The next Best Shirt Award is marked on the calendar as July 4th. What a chance to pull out some spectacular shirts.

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