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Akumal No Fishing Zone

Akumal is attempting to obtain a "No Fishing Zone" that begins at Yalkulito to the North and extends to Bahia Principe. Fishing can only occur 1.3km off shore if we are successful. No more taking octopus out of South Akumal.

The deadline is next Tuesday, 6/24 to present the documents.  This initiative can be signed by both owners and tourists alike.  Anyone interested can sign, scan and return the petition to the following email address:

The petition can be found at Akumal No Fishing Petition.   This 'may' need to be printed, signed, scanned, and attached to the e-mail.  Whatever it takes, DO IT!  And, DO IT today!!

Benefits obtained from a Fish Refuge in Akumal.

In Akumal, there has been a documented deterioration of the health of the coral reef, with an increase of 50% of coral mortality and an increment in the presence of coral diseases in the last 7 years, as well as a reduction of 60% of fish density in the reef. Aside from an integrated coastal management, control of the use by tourism and good use and management of the water, an important tool for conservation to is the implementation of a NO FISHING ZONE, or “RPA”.

The area proposed for the implementation of the RPA covers 9.8 Km˛. From Yal Ku Lagoon to to the north to the southern limit of Hotel Gran Bahia Principe to the south, and from the coast line to 1.3 km seaward. The main benefits of designating this area as a fish refugee are:

From an biological point of view, it will stimulate the recovery of the fish population and the coral reef habitat, which affects the recovery of the functionality of the ecosystem that the Akumal area once had.

From the socioeconomic point of view, it will increase the likelihood of achieving a sustainable use of coastal resources.

From a commercial point of view, the fact that the hotels, condominiums, houses and the rest of the properties are going to be inside an area with protection status for flora and fauna, will increase the valueof these properties, and improve the value of the services offered to the tourism. (Such increases have occurred in the Biosphere Reserve of Sian Ka'an and the other natural protected areas through the country).

In the operation in the area designated for the RPA, different monitoring activities will be put in place, like the rehabilitation of the marine ecosystem and the patrolling of the RPA. Fishing will only be permitted for research and educational purposes, as well as sport fishing using catch and release. All of these with the required permission from CONAPESCA.


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