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 Robin's Best Shirt Award, May 2, 2014

It is May and the crowd has thinned out as the snowbirds and absentee-landlords returned north, thus providing an opportunity for a new winner to join the elite crowd in the RBSA Winner's Circle.  Plus, it is the eve before the Kentucky Derby, and that could have help keep the crowd down to a manageable level.  Whatever, it was an exciting evening, and the judges had a difficult time with their decision.


Thanks to Dave Zucker for being the on-site photographer for The Akumalian.


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Nancy & David Poor are both looking very smart this evening.

Karen & Larry Kantor are back, and there could be a winner here.

Now, here are two entries looking like winners.

Strong entry getting strong support.

Very colorful, but is it a 'shirt'?

Looking good as Susanne & Beryl join the group.

Jim & Jackie Power are also back in town, and Jim has a good chance.

Now, that is a bright blue; midnight blue??

Looks like Laura is casting her vote for David.

Here is another judge make her own private vote for RBSA.

"Don't forget me!! The name of my barber??"

Despite the backlighting, this could be a serious contender.

Mary and her committee are about to make an announcement.

The winner is this colorful, bright, blue shirt.

Congratulations to the May 2014 Robin's Best Shirt Award.

With the crowd thinning out, June 2nd could be YOUR chance to win the RBSA.

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