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 April 4, 2014, Robin's Best Shirt Award

Well, many of the snow-birds have departed, and a few new ones arrived back in town, thus making for a very well attended and competitive Robin's Best Shirt Award (RBSA) event for April.  As you can see, there are a lot of great entries, and the judges had another extremely difficult time make their decision.

And, what is also important for this event is that the Best Shirt trophy has re-appeared, and as this goes to press, "the rest of the story" remains a secret.  Maybe, we'll find out next month.

Thanks again to Judy Baxter for the photos.

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Bay Haas is front and center, having just arrived in town.

And Bud Blatner is here to offer up a welcome toast.

Tom Baxter is making a serious run for the trophy this month.

Russ Motley is trying the Mazzola route again; look at the back.

Yabba-Dabba-Doo, that does look like it could take Russ to the winner's circle once again.

Now here is another entry the judges really have to consider.

"Rooster" has returned with yet another fantabulous entry.

Now this would be a very serious contender if the front panels lined up.

Here's to the winner, and the 'crowd' in the background looks a little on the thin side.

Michelle Connor is back in town, and greets Chris Haas, a South Akumal neighbor.

Linda Day and Jan Harper are all smiles as they do their own judging.

John is also in contention - better if the front lined up - but I think Russ has an "IN" with the Judging Committee .

Jamie, Yolanda, and Sharon are eagerly awaiting the judge's decision.

Dave Zucker is front and center as the crowd tries to out-guess the judges.

Here is another promising entry, albeit from the cowboy side of Hawaii.

The judges - Michelle, Jan, and Mary - seem to be about ready to make their decision known to the anxious crowd.

Bud and George give it one more shot, literally and figuratively, before the final decision.

Erroll Richards, this evening's Lol Ha Beach Bar entertainer, comes out of nowhere to sweep in and defeat all the locals for Aprils RBSA.

Congratulations, Erroll.

May is just around the corner, but there is still time to plan for RBSA on the 2nd.

Work is still under way to have remote, live entries from around the globe, especially Cape Cod.

Yes, SteveC, The Staff of The Akumalian, may come back to haunt these grand monthly events.

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