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Quintana Roo, Mexico


 March 7, 2014 Robin's Best Shirt Award

Even with Robin's Best Shirt Award trophy still missing, the locals turned out in huge numbers to vie for the award and welcome a number people who had returned to Akumal just for this fantabulous monthly event.  As usual, the competition was fierce, and the judges remained anonymous as they made their selection in total secrecy.

Thanks to Judy Baxter and Denny Mahan for the photos.


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Dan Freeman and Richard Pargot are on the scene with spectacular entries for March's event.

Judy Baxter cuddles up to John.

Rooster is back with an attention getting entry with Nancy Poor.

Nancy, Kathy, and Paul are all smiles about something over there.

Diane Mahan and Mary Henderson are surveying tonight's array of entries.

Katie Datica gets a warm welcome from Denny Mahan.

Antonio Bolio looks to have a prize winner as he gets encouragement from Judy.

Hollis Hines has some friends with her this evening.

Mary provides a warm welcome back to Kelly Zhuo, just in from China.

Here is an entry that has caught the eye of Stephanie and Tom.

Russ Motley has a spectacular shirt that looks very familar.

Tom Baxter is also looking up to the challenge tonight.

Rooster goes 'all in' with this entry, but it does not look like a Robin shirt.

David Poor leans on Nancy for support as he faces some formidable challenges.

Sharon Wandler is here with a very good challenge from the female side of the house.

Don Newman leaves the office unattended to take another shot at coming up the winner.

Didier Jackson is bending the rules as he goes with this casual entry.

Another rule bender.

Judy & Steve Holz are also present, but Steve has taken himself from the competition.

Lucy James is still in town, as is Paul.

Is that Kai with mommy, Marieke?

Hollis, Richard Dooley, and Kelly are all smiles about the entrants.

Now, there is a good entry that might just pull off an upset.

Big hugs for Diane Mahan from Stephanie Motley.

Sharon & Steve Wandler compare their entries and chances.

The crowd is starting to get restless as the judges make their final decision.

Tom, Antonio, and Jamie are all pins and needles as they contemplate the judges' decision.

Diane and Katie ham it up as the ballots are being tallied by the judges.

Tom seems to working the room as an announcement is still awaited.

Didier and Diane seem comfortable knowing the trophy is not coming their way.

Katie & Joel share a good moment with Arlene Pargot.

Sharon and Richard look like they have some inside information on who the winner might be.

Mary announces the winner as Antonio Bolio.

Antonio with trophy. Where is the trophy?????

For those of you wondering why Steve Clouther was not present, here is an image of Cape Cod.

You may have dodged the Ides of March, but beware of April Fool's Day as you prepare for ther next RBSA on April 4th.

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