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 Robin's Best Shirt Award, February 7, 2014

The February Best Shirt Award was very well attended as numerous well attired entrants were looking for that fabulous one week before Valentine's Day present to take home, but it seemed like the judges had a relatively easy time making their decision. 

Unfortunately, the event was moderately marred by the absence of the trophy.  A number of 'locals/usuals' were conspicuous by their absence, and as a result a road block was positioned at the highway end of Akumal's entry/exit road, just before the bridge, in an attempt to get to the bottom of the missing trophy.  This turned out to be a slight inconvenience for a number of attendees trying to exit Akumal after dinner.  According to Por Esto, the trophy has not been recovered.

Thanks to Judy Baxter for some of the photos.

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Redbeard once again is sporting a very serious contender.

Dave Zucker is out and about town with a flashy entry.

Tony James is looking for his first win of 2014.

Steve Clouther is present for his last Best Shirt competition, albeit without a serious entry.

David Poor has some very bright colors on this evening.

Don Papa is down from Puerto Aventuras looking to bring home the trophy.

Russ Motley just keeps coming with the Richard Mazzola originals; it is a safe bet with the front panels.

Tom Baxter is looking to get back into the winner's circle.

Here is a dynamic duo looking for a win in the pairs competition, which does not exist.

Dennis & Barbara Burris are all excited about just being here in Akumal, and Dennis does look like a winner.

Antonio Bolio has a very smart entry this evening.

SteveC has Jamie's support.

Andrew Leigh is getting his support from Stephanie Motley.

The judges - Richard, Mary and Paul - seemed to have an easy time this month.

The winner is "Rooster"!

"Rooster" and the trophy for February; wait a minute, that is not the trophy. Where is it?

The next Robin's Best Shirt Award is on Friday, March 7th.

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