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 Robin's Best Shirt Award, January 3, 2014

This month kicks off the 8th year of the Robin's Best Shirt Award, and it brought out a plethora of fantabulous entries, even though the word was out that the leading winner, Russ Motley, was going to make it a runaway with a special hand-painted shirt that was commissioned from Richard Mazzola.  It is high season, and a lot of snow birds had arrived, making the field much more competitive than usual.  The judges had a difficult time working their way through the throng to get a good view and sense of the colorful entries.


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Dave is here and looking like a winner.

David Poor has a subtle but elegant entry.

Tom Baxter, last month's winner, is a judge this month.

Leroy Wiedman, just in from Alaska, is very bright and colorful.

Dave Zucker is very traditional as he looks for another victory.

Wendell Day has pulled out all the stops as he goes head-to-head against Russ.

Bud Blatner has a new Philly shirt that Alice bought him.

Redbeard, between trips, has a flashy long sleeved entry.

Russ Motley has his "special", a hand-painted shirt from Richard Mazzola.

The back of Russ' shirt is very unique.

The back side of Richard Mazzola's shirt.

The back of a shirt that does not come from Richard.

Redbeard and Leroy are comparing notes.

Dan Freeman has something special tonight; must be another of his Philly shirts.

Jimm Farrell is sparkling with his entry.

Dave is getting encouragement from Roseanne.

Kathy and Judy lend their support for Margaret Wiedman, who has a very special entry.

The judges (Paul, Mary and Tom) really have their work cut out for them this month.

Antonio Bolio seems to have an excellent chance this month.

Bud, Didier, and Lou are eagerly awaiting the judges' decision.

Mary and her co-judges make the announcement. "The first Best Shirt winner for 2014, the 8th year of this fantabulous event, is .....

Margaret Wiedman.

Congratulations Margaret.

Well, February is the busiest month of the year relative to events, so get prepared for the next Best Shirt Award.

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