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Quintana Roo, Mexico


 Robin's Best Shirt Award, September 6, 2013

Up to this point, September has been a very wet month, with daily thunder storms rolling across the Caribbean Sea and Akumal, but all of that did little to dampen the enthusiastic crowd that made its way to the Lol Ha Beach Bar for September's Best Shirt Award.  There were some fantabulous entries that gave the judges fits, as they went back and forth trying to agree on a winner, and without fail, they did choose a standout entry as the deserving winner.



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Lou is here and still looking to break into the winner's circle for the first time.

Ditto for Ken, who does have on a serious contender.

But, then there is Dan Freeman, who has recently returned from Philly with an outstanding entry.

Dave Zucker gives a toast to Dan's chances.

Wendel Day is getting some serious encouragement from one of his fans.

Don Newman has a shirt that has all the ear-marks of a winner.

Carol, from Chicago and Half Moon Bay, gives encouragement to David Poor.

Steve Clouther keeps looking for that elusive #7 as Ingrid Clouther says, "You are #1 in my book, win or lose."

Russ Motley seems to recognize he is never going to get that elusive #7.

Charlie is hoping his wedding shirt goes over well with the judges, as it apparently went OK with Carol.

Ron Stern, from Playa Caribe, has a very colorful entry that has caught the judges' eyes.

Bery Van Lierop just is not going to give up on the Saints.

Richard Pargot, just back from NJ, is looking very smart and competitive.

The crowd is getting antsy for a decision from the Judging Committee.

The Judging Committee - Mary, John, and Isabel - seem to be having a difficult time as John pleads for his pick.

OK, it looks like we have a decision as Mary prepares the announcement.

No more suspense. Who is it?

Dan Freeman. All that shopping in Philly paid off.

Congratulations to Dan, who gives the thumbs up.

Joelito, dressed for the Mexican holidays, is left out in the cold again.

Mark October 4th, Stefanie Fredette's birthday, on your calendar as the next Best Shirt Award.

Be prepared to top this.

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