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 Robin's Best Shirt Award, October 4, 2013

October's Best Shirt Award celebrated Stefanie Fredette's birthday, which prevented Ingrid & SteveC from being on hand for this spectacular event that drew a substantial crowd from all around the area; i.e. Chan Chemuyil, Tankah, and Akumal Pueblo.  Needless to say, the competition was very fierce, and once again the judges had a heck of a time coming to a decision, but as required, they did.


Thanks to Dave Zucker for the photographs.

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Geore & Josie Pritchard are both looking like competitors for this month's award.

Paul Sanchez-Navarro is on hand to lend his unbiased opinion to the Judging Committee.

Carly Flores is also very excited about being on the Judging Committee.

Stephanie is on hand to root Russ Motley's shirt to a potential #7 victory.

Ken "Tequilaville" Anderson is on hand and looking like a serious contendor.

Dave Zucker takes time out from his photographer duties to get encouragement from Carly.

Jamie is looking very 'smart' with his entry as Yolanda adds her support and encouragement.

"Cowboy" from Chan Chemuyil is going all in for this one, hat and all.

Alison Keegan is back with Dan Reece.

Mike Poler, with wife Debbie, is looking to move into the winner's circle this month.

Marjorie & Paul are on hand to cheer on the winner.

The Judging Committee - Pual, Mary, and Carly - are slowly working their way through the fantabulous entries to decide a winner.

Lisa & Andrew Leigh are anxiously awaiting the judges' decision.

Mary welcomes Roz Quintero and Dan Smith to October's Best Shirt Award.

And, Ken Anderson from Tequilaville is the winner of Robin's October 2013 Best Shirt Award!!!

Congratulations Ken.

The 1st Friday of the month is November 1st, Day of the Dead.

Come prepared for a wild and crazy time.

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