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 Robin's Best Shirt Award, November 1, 2013

As it turned out, the November Best Shirt night fell on the Day of the Dead, and Mary Henderson, the matriarch of Robin's Best Shirt Award was in Merdia celebrating the holiday.  This left the judging up to a Mary-less committee.

That aside, there was quite a large turn out as the early snow birds started arriving in Akumal in anticipation of this event and Thanksgiving, which followed later in the month.  So, there were a lot of very competitive shirts for the judges to evaluate, and they did pick a winner, and this led to some participants to suggest the event be renamed; some suggestions are below.


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Steve Wandler is back and looking competitive.

Russ Motley is showing off his Tommy Bahama.

Wally Koentz is back and looking quite splashy.

Steve Clouther is really into Day of the Dead with a very appropriate shirt that looks like a real winner.

What is not to like on the Day of the Dead?

Lou is here and still looking for his first win.

Jan is giving all her encouragement to Dave Zucker.

Steve & judy Holz are over from Aventuras Akumal, having forgot it was Best Shirt night.

Red Beard is back in town, and he is sporting a real contender.

The judges - Susan, Ken, and Dan - are huddled to make their easy decision on this Day of the Dead.

Ken Anderson is about to make the no-brainer decision on this Day of the Dead 2013.

"Yes, it is my good buddy, Russ Motley, who ran away with the judges decision on this Day of the Dead."

Joelito says, "Did I miss something of this Day of the Dead?"

Even the Day of the Dead memorial, especially Robin, are also wondering, "What did I miss on this Day of the Dead?"

Afterwards, there were numerous suggestions about renaming this monthly event to something like, "Pin the Tail on the Donkey".

Another favorite was "Blind Man's Bluff"

There even was a suggestion for "Pinata Party"

The real sarcastic ones thought "Payola" to be the most appropriate.

The most popular suggestion, considering the three judges, was "Three Blind Mice."

Now, this is a Best Shirt for the Day of the Dead event.

Mark the calendar the next (pick your name of the event) is scheduled for Friday, December 6. Bring your blinfolds and money.

Watch out for this one on December 6th. It's "Celebrate" to kick off the holidays and high season.

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