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 Robin's Best Shirt Award, May 3, 2013

This was another very well attended Best Shirt Night that saw some fantabulous entries that made the judge's decision tougher than usual.  How tough was it, I hear you ask? Russ Motley was one of the judges because of his victory in April, and he was putting a new twist on the 'requirements'; the design on the front panels of the shirt had to line up, like his Tommy Bahama ones.  It is hard to say just how much of a factor this was, but . . . .

Before the winner was announced, Mary Henderson and Laura Wolfe joined forces to unveil the painting Richard Mazzola did on "The Faces of Akumal" based around Robin's Best Shirt event and some of the more regular attendees.  Mary had bought the painting and donated it to the Lol Ha Beach Bar.  Laura had it framed with a description and small plaque.  It hangs on the pole where the Best Shirt trophy is encased, so check it out the next time you are at the Beach Bar.

A very good time was had by all.

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Kai Kirk, the relatively new kid on the block, makes his 1st entry in the Best Shirt event.

Here is a perinnial entrant still trying to make the grade.

Paul Rasmussen is in town for a visit, and he has an elegant entry this month.

Jim Power is also back in town, and he is also ready for Derby Day tomorrow.

Wally Koenst has a very bright and colorful entry as he tries to break into the winner's circle for the 1st time.

Don Papa is down from Puerto Aventuras, and he seems to be sitting pretty.

Wendell Day is looking to break out of the 3-way tie, but with Russ as a judge - NO WAY!

Looky, looky, Gabriella Herbert is here with a very fine entry.

David Richards is here too. "If nominated, I will not run. If I win, I'll take it."

Dave Zucker made the trek down from the Lagoon, albeit without Dan, and it looks like he could add another trophy to the mantle.

Don Newman has come out of Akumal Investments to see if his boss will throw a WIN his way. Nice try Don.

OK, here is something we do not see too often, matching His & Hers outfits.

I know it is not Joyce - something like Jersey - but this is another colorful entry.

George is still here, and he has a good possibility with this one.

The judges - Laura, Russ and Mary - have a very hard decision to make, and Russ is throwing down some new criteria.

These are not contestants, but they do offer a new perspective on a couple of things.

Mike Stone is here without Peggy to support him, but it is a good looking entry.

The suspense mounts as Laura and Mary unveil the Mazzola painting Mary donated to the beach bar.

The painting has a number of the regular entrants in the Best Shirt contest, and Robin is there too, looking down on everything.

This could represent the Circle of Champions with Wendell Day, Steve Clouther, and Russ Motley, all 6 time winners.

The crowd looks on in amazement at the likenesses Richard captured.

It is time to announce the winner, and Russ outlines his new rule about the front sides of the shirt needing to be aligned, like his Tommy Bahama.

Another (unwritten) rule to go along with collars and buttons.

The winner of the May Best Shirt Award is Don Papa.

Congratulations to Don and his first time in the winner's circle. And yes, the graphics do line up.

OK, even after June arrives, there will be a whole week to get to Chedraui, Soriana, MEGA, or Super Chomak to find something that will WIN.

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