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Quintana Roo, Mexico


Nan Armstrong's 60th Birthday Party, March 2, 2013

On Saturday, March 2nd, Nan Armstrong threw herself one fantabulous birthday party at CEA, and it was extremely well attended by just about everyone who was in town.  The attire was TOGA, and the attendees were very innovative in their interpretation of "toga".

The music and entertainment was provided by Natalie and Her Foxes, with Ivan providing some rips on the guitar. Gynna was there belly-dancing.  And, Turtle Bay Cafe provided a wonderful buffet.

This was the party against which all others will be measured.  Great job, Nan.

You look absoloootely  mmmaahhhh-vellll-ouss.



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Ingrid Clouther is ready to party in her royal toga.

Mark & Rocio are here in all their splendor.

IngridC with Claudia and Stephanie Motley.

Steve Wandler is showing his toga to Claudia and Stephanie.

Juan Antonio Huerta and Monika Estrada.

Sharon & Steve Wandler with Stephanie Motley.

Gail Rowland

Phoebe Barrett and Steve Clouther

Jan Harper and Cami Mazzola.

Myrna Bush and Richard & Cami Mazzola

Claudia Tolentino, Annette Bartsch, and Gaby Orvananos

Kevin "Red Beard" McKee

Ken & Mary Anderson

Ingrid & Steve Clouther

A small band of misfits.

Dave Zucker

Natalie and Laura

Memo Essy and Richard Mazzola flank the tall one.

Lynda & Wendell Day

Antonio Bolio and Jan Harper

Steve & Sharon Wandler

Mary and Linda

Marcy Essy and Laura

Paul Sanchez-Navarro

Sharon, Natalie, and Laura

Wendell, Isabel, and Dave

Gaby, SteveC, and Claudia

John & Linda Novak

Mary Henderson


Didier Jackson

John Novak

The sumptous buffet is fit for a Roman Toga Party.

And Gynna rolls out the entertainment with her belly dancing

Enrique Alcaraz and his friend look on.

Marieke & Scott

Preparations being set up for the band

The band is getting into it with Ivan on guitar

Natalie points to the Roman gods, and says "Let the dancing begin."

Mark, Rocio, and Juan Antonio

Natalie raises it up a notch

The dancers respond

John, Kevin, and Richard

Gynna friend, Gynna, Claudia, and Gaby

The senators gather outside for a cool conference.

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