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Quintana Roo, Mexico

 Robin's Best Shirt Award, June 7, 2013

It was a wonderful evening at the Lol Ha Beach Bar, where the locals gathered for another competition for Robin's Best Shirt Award, and the judges had to have very sharp and keen eyes to select a winner from the fine array of entries.  It was a tough decision, and the judges were unanimous with their selection.



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David Poor is ready with drink in hand and on shirt.

Russ Motley is back looking for 2 out of 3.

Steve Clouther is looking for that elusive #7 win with some neon green embroidery.

Wendell Day is also looking for win #7, and he is going with a very classy shirt.

Tom Baxter also has a very classy entry tonight.

Bery is back in town, and it looks like he might have brought a winner with him.

Denny & Diane Mahan are also back in town, and Denny has something the judges need to think about.

Mary Henderson is here with her very canary yellow dress, not wanting to be shown up be the best shirt entries.

Jim Farrell has a somewhat subdued, but attractive entry for the judges to consider.

Dave Zucker is looking to move into the winner's circle again with this attractive entry.

Denny is really making an effort to sway the judges his way.

Dan Freeman is also giving it a real go tonight.

The judges - Didier Jackson, Mary, and Hugh Maynard - have a tough decision to make.

Nancy Poor seems to be giving her support to Rhett Schober, who really does have an attention getting shirt.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, we are ready to announce the winner of the June Best Shirt Award."

But first, the judges need to take another bow.

The winner is Rhett Schober.

Rhett proudly shows off his first Best Shirt trophy.

In July, Robin's Best Shirt Award falls on July 5th.

When is Magnum PI going to show up?

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