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 Robin's Best Shirt Award, July 5, 2013

It was a marvelous one day after the 4th of July, and the celebrations continued at the Lol Ha Beach Bar with a large, enthusiastic crowd assembled to celebrate, and compete for, Robin's Best Shirt Award.  Robin's sister, Mary Henderson, was not in attendance to oversee the judging committee, and that task was assigned to last month's winner, Rhett Schober.  Rhett was fortunate enough to have his daughter, Beniko, here from Brussels, and he allocated a spot on the committee for her.  Beniko was very actively scrutinizing the entries, so she was quite instrumental in selecting the winner for July.  Well done, Beniko.


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Don Newman took time out from another very busy day in the Akumal Investments' office to make an appearance.

Lou is still in town, and he is sporting a very sharp entry this month.

This is a new owner in Akumal, and he is right into the thick of things with an entry that caught the judges' eyes.

Antonio Bolla is pulling out all the stops this month, and he definitely appears to be a serious contender.

Bery Van Lierop is also looking mighty fine this month.

John Novak always has a t-shirt, but his brother gave him this shirt to ensure John got some recognition this month.

Steve Clouther has another fantabulous shirt that has the judges, especially Beniko, looking twice at, as SteveC looks to end his long drought.

Glen is once again looking like a serious contender, thinking that this could be the one to put him into the winner's circle for the first time.

Look what Kevin "Red Beard" McKee brought back from Oaxaca, but is it enough?

Jim Rowland is here, and he says, "Now, this is a winning shirt."

The crowd is milling around as the judges mingle, looking for this month's best shirt.

Thierry Vander Elst is chumming it up with Beniko - in French - seeking that competitive advantage.

Russ Motley went deep into the closet to bring out this very classy shirt that has "winner" written all over it.

Dave Zucker has arrived in time for the judging, and this looks like it could catch Beniko's eye.

Beniko provides her input to Rhett.

Hugh Maynard completes the triumphrate for the judging committee.

Rhett draws the crowd's undivided attention, while Beniko smugly thinks, "I know the winner".

Rhett gets last minute instruction on who she picked just prior to the announcement. The winner is . . .

Jim Rowland and his very colorful, attention getting shirt.

Jim Rowland, another 1st time winner, shows off the trophy.

Loquito says, "I sit here night after night, and I get shunned again, even with my July 4th patriotic shirt and ensemble."

It is never too early to start thinking about next month. Those from Boston, including SteveC, know all about "Wait 'til next year/month."

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