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 Sunset Sail on Kantaris, July 28, 2013

On Sunday, July 28th, The Akumalian Staff enjoyed a sunset sail on the catamaran, Kantaris, with Neil, Paula, Katie, and Ellie Humphreys.  Gonzalo was the skipper, with Ingrid as the first mate.

It was a warm Sunday afternoon, and Akumal, especially the beach at Akumal Bay, was wall-to-wall people, so it was a wonderful experience to get onto the deep, blue Caribbean Sea, riding the gentle swells, as Gonzalo navigated the cruise southward past Akumal Beach Resort, Jade Bay, South Akumal, Punta Sur, Aventuras Akumal, Bahia Principe, Chemuyil Beach, Xcacel Beach, and beyond.

If you have not done it yet, consider signing on for a sunset sail on the Kantaris.

Thanks to Ellie Humphreys for the portrait photos, and Gonzalo for the two very sharp ones.

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There are quite a few people on the beach.

Most of them are not there to bid us 'bon voyage'.

There is the Kantaris, our mode of transportation for the next two hours.

As we head out through the break in the reef, we leave Lol Ha behind.

Gonzalo is at the helm, and Ingrid sits by as the first mate.

Neil, Katie, and Ellie have settled in as the sails are hoisted.

Ingrid Clouther and Paula have their champagne, so they too are settled in for the ride.

Once the sails are up, the crew sits back and relaxes.

Katie and Ellie pose for a photo-op.

Once out on the high sea, it really is relaxation time.

Ingrid & SteveC, The Staff, are enjoying the time out of the office.

As seen through Ellie's eye ball.

Ingrid is deep in her thoughts as day turns into twilight.

And Pauls enjoys the sunset.

Another MMMMaaahhh-velllousss day slowly winds down as we head back to Akumal.

There's Lol Ha as we come into the harbour.

Sunset sails can be booked at the Akumal Dive Shop, and do not forget they have the famous sunset / full moon rise sails the day before, of, and after

Full Moon rise.

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