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 Opening and Dedication of Akumal's Children's Playground, 7/11/2013

By Marieke Brown

On Thursday, July 11, the Akumal Children’s Playground was officially opened by the President of DIF Tulum, Cristina Beatriz Bracamonte de Cobos, who is the wife of the Municipal President, Martín Cobos Villalobos.  Project organizers Gabriela Herbert, Marieke Brown, and the Akumal delegado, Don Melchor, were present to hand the playground over to the children of the Akumal Pueblo.  A very proud day for us all. 

This playground has become a reality as the result of the efforts of a large group of people, both residents in Akumal and overseas.  I would like to thank each and every person who contributed to this project.  This has been a true community effort, and I am incredibly proud to be part of a group who take such good care of each other.

The idea for the playground initiated with local families having to drive to Puerto Maya in order to find a decent park where their young children could play safely.  This was not realistic for the majority of the families in the pueblo of Akumal as, even if they took the colectivo to get to Puerto Aventuras, the Puerto Maya playground is a long walk from the highway entrance; too far for little ones.  Even the parks in Chemuyil are not particularly easy for local mothers with young children to get to.  As far as I am aware, the pueblo of Akumal has never had a safe public playground for its small children.  We decided that it was time to change this.

The Akumal Childrens Playground Project was the chosen as the local cause for the 1st Akumal Comedy Festival (2012), where 18 professional comedians, the Akumal Jarana Dancers, the music group Arpason, the Akumal drummers, and the children of the Akumal Primaria Francisco Sarabia all performed for free to promote and fund-raise for this project.  Over the course of the year, the combined efforts of the Akumal Comedy Festival, its sponsors, and private donations from many big hearted members of the communities of Akumal and South Akumal helped us to raise almost US$14,000. 

The playground has been purchased from, and installed by, a company called Swings and Slides, and we purchased the Camion Ecologico.  We also included a swing set in the order.

I just want to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who came along to support the opening of the Akumal Children's Playground on Thursday evening.  It was a massive success and we were humbled by the fabulous response from the community!

The playground is in the Akumal Pueblo opposite the church and right behind the basketball cancha. 


Well done, Marieke.


Photos provided by Scott Brown and Gabriella Herbert

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The playground is in the Akumal Pueblo opposite the church and right behind the basketball cancha. 

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