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 Robin's Best Shirt Award, January 4, 2012

The holidays are over, and it is a new year, and the Best Shirt contestants flocked to the Lol Ha Beach Bar on Friday, January 4th like the swallows returning to Mission San Juan Capistrano on St. Joseph's Day.  The big difference at the Beach Bar was the color that brought the place to life and the crowd to its feet for standing ovation after standing ovation for each contestant.  Needless to say, Mary Henderson and her co-judges really did have an extremely difficult time in making the ultimate choice to kick-off the seventh year of Robin's Best Shirt Awards.



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Mary is on hand, front row center, to preside over the 73rd meeting of this monthly event

Wally Koenst is in town from Aventuras Akumal with a very respectable entry.

Rus Motley is still swaying to the left over music from Natalie & The Foxes, or is he standing on one foot like the flamingo.

Steve Clouther is back with something fishy that looks out of the running.

Margaret Wiedman is just in from Alaska, and she is wearing her home-made creation; looking good.

Sherwood Anders was real early - relatively speaking - to the Beach Bar, and she looks like a contender.

Leroy Wiedman is also sporting a very bright and colorful shirt.

Mary Anderson and Yolanda Foshee are amused by the whole thing.

Judy Baxter looks like another contender, but she is still smoozing Steve Cole, one of the judges.

Wendell Day is back, looking to add another one to his expanding trophy case.

Ken Anderson brings his very colory shirt over from Tequilaville, and it might just catch the judge's eye.

Jamie Prendergast is back from the cold north, and he is here to play.

Steve Wandler has another one of his classic shirts on for this competition.

However, Sharon Wandler seems to like Tom Baxter's entry.

Peggy Stone is here with an excellent chance at the top prize tonight.

Yes, Jim Farrell is back in town.

Bery Van Lierop is back with the same Dos XX from last month.

Bob Anders has a real colorful shirt that might go unappreciated by the judges.

John Mark Davis is on hand with a neat entry that should get some consideration from the judges.

Richard Mazzola looks like he could sneak this one by the judges.

Paul has a lot of turtles on his shirt, and that could get the sympathy vote.

The crowd is truly overwhelmed by all the fantabulous shirts that are here tonight.

Lookie, lookie, Cami Mazzola has something for the judges to consider.

Dave Freeman and Dave Zucker have arrived - here flanking Peggy Stone - and it looks like their chances are quite good.

Mike Stone is all smiles about his chances tonight.

The judges - Susanne Van Lierop, Mary, and Steve Cole - are deliberating a very long time about tonight's decision.

The crowd is hushed in excited anticipation of the announcing of the winner for January 2013.

It is time. Mary rings the glass to get everyone's attention. Who will it be?

Beryl, Ken and Sherwood cannot stand the suspense.

It is official. Russ Motley is the winner.

Congratulations, Russ. This is Russ' 5th time in the winner's circle, putting him just one behind Wendell and SteveC.

"I get no respect or consideration. Send me out another bottle."

Take your eyes off Valentine's Day and focus on February's Best Shirt Award, which pops right up on the 1st of the month.

This is what it is all about.

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