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Quintana Roo, Mexico


 CEA Gala, February 27, 2012

The 2013 CEA Gala - Celebrating 20 Years In Akumal - was held on Wednesday, February 27th at the CEA Center. It was a party with a taste of Akumal, with servings the best food from local restaurants, music, and entertainment.  It was the place to be and be seen, and there was an excellent turn out, and it seemed like a good time was had by all.

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The hall is decorated and ready to go.

The buffet is set up and ready to go.

The band is set up, and they are going.

Heidi & Larry Nurse are in town for this gala.

Jamie Prendergast & Yolanda Foshee are here too, albeit without the dog.

Linda & John Novak are here, and they are looking good.

Ken & Mary Margaret (just back from Kilimanjaro) Goldstein are ready for a night of dancing.

Lynda & Wendell Day are hosting Table #12, and Linda Novak is there too.

Ingrid & Steve Clouther are representing South Akumal and The Akumalian.

Jamie and Richard Mazzola discuss tomorrow night's art show.

Marcy & Memo Essy are looking 'mighty fine' this evening.

Steve Wandler is collecting Sharons: Wandler and Winkle.

Gail Rowland is looking 'smashing'.

Pablo Diaz and his lovely wife are enjoying the gala.

The CEA staff gets into the act.

Cami & Richard Mazzola are relaxing before their show tomorrow.

The CEA staff has captured and framed Gail Rowland.

Paul makes the necessary announcements about the sponsors, and then he opens the buffet.

Dave and his wife are waiting for the rush to die down.

And a rush there is.

Then it is Showtime, with some lovely and energetic dancers.

This was a colorful skit/dance by the male dancers.

It is coming to a finale!!!

Two of the female dancers "lookin' good."

Steve Clouther, on behalf of The Staff, gets into the act.

John Winkle is then encouraged to go for it too.

The men are waiting there too.

Sharon Winkle gets into the act too.

Can't get John & Sharon out of the limelight.

Special recognition was given to "The Lionfish Hunters."

Ivan, Natalie, and Laura are framed.

Time to swing and sway to the music. Say goodnight.

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