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 Robin's Best Shirt Award, February 1, 2013

It is February, the busiest month of the year for "Events" in Akumal, and it got off to a very fast start right off the bat, with Robin's Best Shirt Award coming on the first day of the month, and it really was a jammed packed crowd at the Lol Ha Beach Bar, as some spectacular entries made the judge's decision a very difficult one.  The judges were all over the board on their individual picks, so the final decision was delayed as they eventually came to a decision.  Take a look at all the shirts the judges had to choose from.

See you next month.


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Right out of the gate, Joelito is staking a claim for this month's Best Shirt award.

Jock Horner is here to support Denny Mahan' shot at the award.

But then again, Ken Anderson has come to play and stake his claim on the trophy.

Larry Kantor is here to put his name on the trophy.

Friends of Larry & Karen Kantor are here, and both look like good challengers.

David Poor and Antonio Bolio are here too.

Richard Pargot looks like a very serious contender.

Bud Platner takes time out from his groundhog jerky preparations.

Sam & Sharon Goby are looking happy about Sam's chances.

Lucy James is back in town, and she has her friend, Jim, here to compete.

John Winkel is here too, and he is very confident the judges are going to see him to the winner's circle.

Jim Power is back looking for another trip to the winner's circle.

Tom Baxter is all smiles about his chances.

Here we have an outside contender.

Another one.

Steve Clouther is still looking for that elusive 7th win.

Judy & Tony James are trying to persuade the judges to see things their way.

Richard Pargot joins Alice & Bud Blatner waiting for the judge's decision.

The judges - Russ Motley, Mary, and Yi Jie Dooley - are having a difficult time selecting the winner.

Look familar? It's 2-drink John Mark Davis.

David Poor takes time out from his work for the CEA Auction later in the month.

Richard & Arlene Pargot with what does look like a winner.

Here is another outside shot - the webmaster for Loco Gringo.

Their friends.

Mary is finally ready to make the judges decision known.

This month there really is a standing room only crowd blocking out The Staff photographer.

"Why is Steve standing on the pool table?"

What is Mary waiting for???

The wiiner of the February 2013 Best Shirt Award is Larry Kantor.

Looking good, Larry. Congratulations.

Watch out! Once again the Best Shirt Award falls on the first day of the month in March. Be prepared.

This looks like a winner for March.

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