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 Robin's Best Shirt Award, December 6, 2013

The last Robin's Best Shirt Award of 2013 took place at the Lol Ha Beach Bar on Friday, December 6th, and as one might expect, it was standing room only, with a pile of excellent shirts vying for this coveted award, thus giving the judges a very difficult time agreeing on a winner.  But they did.

January 2014 kicks off the 8th year of this world famous event, and it behooves you to be there, even though the house will be packed, and there is going to be a slew of classy entrants.


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Andrew Leigh has come prepared to woo the judges with his classic entry.

Karl Shubert is looking good with a serious contendor with the muted browns.

Tom Baxter seems to have matched all the criteria, even lining up the front panels.

Steve Clouther is back, albeit with an elegent mourning shirt.

Antonio Bolio seems to have things leaning his way with this entry.

Lou is distracting the judges from the shirt with his navel.

This could be a serious contender.

Look at what this interior decorator has to offer.

Susan and her friend throw up the victory sign, but for who?

The judges - Russ Motley, Mary Henderson, and Ingrid Clouther - have their work cut out for them.

Steve Wandler has a very classy designed shirt, albeit not very colorful.

Tom seems to be working some Canadian voo-doo ritual on Judy's head for luck.

Andrew gets a big squeeze from Lisa for luck.

Bud Blater, recently back from Philly, snuggles up with IngridC, one of the judges.

Joelito remains a contender, albeit an invisible one on the sidelines.

Andrew Leigh makes one final plea with one of the judges, who tries to remain out of The Akumalian's EXPOSE camera.

The judges have finally reached a verdict, and Mary works to get everybody's attention for the announcement.

Tom Baxter is the last winner for 2013, and it just goes to show you that lining up the front panels work.

Tom Baxter proudly show off Robin's Best Shirt Award trophy for December 2013.

The first Best Shirt Award of 2014 happens on January 3, Arlene Pargot's birthday, so she should be a winner, if Richard is not wearing her blouse.

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