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 Robin's Best Shirt Award, August 2, 2013

Once again, Robin's Best Shirt Award proved that there is no low season when it comes to this event, as a very colorful array of shirts showed up from Akumal, as well as San Miguel, Baltimore, and Dohar.  The colors were bright, and the designs exciting, so the judges had another difficult time - maybe not really - making their final choice.  A good time was had by all, and who knows, maybe the September event will once again look like low season, but I would not count on it.




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Neil Humphreys is here with his inside-out shirt, looking to take another victory back to Dohar.

Richard Pargot is sporting a hand-made design by Arlene, and his chances look spotty at best.

Don Eischen came over from San Miguel with this 20-year old shirt, thinking he is taking the trophy back with him.

David Poor says, "I am going to wear this shirt until it wins."

Phill Combs just flew in for the weekend and the Best Shirt with the fine entry from Baltimore.

Bruce Eanet has a fine looking entry, trying to get into the winner's circle for the first time.

Dave Zucker might have an 'in' with the judges, because he is looking quite confident.

Once again, Russ Motley sports a very classic shirt that should be the one to take him to #7.

Lou is being recruited by Mary to be on the judging committee.

Allison, Linda, and Stephanie seem to have a lot of other things on their mind other than the Best Shirt award.

Mary, Isabel, and Lou make up the judging committee, and it appears that they made quick work of coming to a unanimous decision fairly quickly.

The crowd is all a-buzz about the competitors and who the winner might be.

Steve Clouther, once again, has another excellent contender, but the competition is tough.

Bery VanLierop stands tall, awaiting news that he is the winner.

Mary tries to calm the crowd down and get their attention as a decision is about to be announced.

"After careful deliberation, the judges have selected another 1st time winner, and that is . . . . "

Don Eischen is the winner of the August Best Shirt award.

Congratulations, Don.

Afterwards, a group, led by Russ Motley, headed into Lol Ha to celebrate Don's victory.

Mark the date on your calendar. September 6 is the next Best Shirt Award, so there is lots of time to shop for a winner.

Steve Clouther has gone 25 months - 2+ YEARS!! -without a victory, so he is looking at something to capture the judges' eye, heart, and soul.

How about this one?

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