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Robin's Best Shirt Award, April 5, 2013

The high season should be winding down, but you would never know it by the number of people who flock to the Lol Ha Beach Bar on the first Friday of the month for Robin's Best Shirt Award event.  This month was no exception, as there was another overflow crowd clamoring for the attention of the waiters and the judges, led by Mary Henderson, Robin's sister.  The judges were under undue pressure as the number of excellent entries made their decision to be extremely difficult. But, as usually happens, the cream rose to the top.



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Gail Rowland is here with a wonderful entry. "What, me worry."

Don Newman, after a hard day at the office, is present with a colorful entry.

Gail is getting strong support from Nan Armstrong and Stephanie Motley.

Lou and Annette Bartsch are sitting pretty at the bar.

Dennis & Barbara Burris are down from Puerto Aventuras for the event.

Lynda & Wendall Day are front and center looking for another victory for Wendell.

Russ Motley is looking good in an original Richard Mazzola shirt as he counts the potential wins for Wendell and SteveC.

Dan Freeman shows of his muscle shirt and biscep.

Not to be outdone, Dave Zucker is sporting a serious contender.

David Francis is over from Chen Chemuyil, and he is looking pretty good with this entry.

Cheryl & Pat Reagan are back in town, and Pat is looking for his first win.

Glenn Northcutt and Antonio Bolio are showing their entries for the judges.

Mary Sue Northcutt is soliciting support for Glenn from Bente Palmer and Gabriella Herbert.

Steve Clouther is still looking for that very elusive 7th win with a spectacular shirt.

Arlene & Richard Pargot are having a chat-up with Hollis Hines and Billy.

The judges - Isabel, Mary and Cheryl - have a tough decision to make as they narrow down the competitors.

David is getting a lot of support from his neighbor in Chen Chemuyil.

The overflow crowd is on the edge of its collective seats as they anxiously await the judge's decision.

Here they are. Here it comes. "And, the winner of the April 2013 Robin's Best Shirt Award is . . . ."

Russ Motley and his very original Richard Mazzola hand painted shirt. This is Russ' 6th win, having won 4 times in the last 12 months.

Look at that. Better than all the Tommy Bahamas in the room. Nice job, Richard.

Steve Clouther bemoans to Glenn, "There goes another opportunity down the drain."

Do not be as slow as a turtle preparing for May's Best Shirt event that falls on May 3rd.

Watch out for this attention getter on May 3rd.

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