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 Robin's Best Shirt Award, September 7, 2012

Well, this is September, and it is about the lowest of the slowest lowest season, and that was very evident by the turn-out - or lack thereof - for this edition of Robin's Best Shirt award.  Even Mary Henderson was not there.  Antonio & Jan Bolio were the fill-in judges, and they got some help from Michele Connor.  It seemed like Antonio had no problem selecting this month's winner.



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Tom Baxter was back in town to check on the house, and he took time for this month's event.

It's football season, and Bery Van Lierop is ready to go with the New Orleans Saints.

Bob Anders is playing it cool with a subdued entry, probably in deference to Sherwood.

Here she is, Akumal's Corona Girl, Sherwood Anders.

Michele Connor and Jan Bolio discuss their startegy to let Antonio carry the ball by himself.

The crowd was crowded, so it spread out into the beach bar.

Don Eischen is in town for The Reef's homeowner's meeting, and he might be the underdog for Best Shirt.

Antonio seems to have made his decision.

However, he confers with Michele and Jan before making his announcement.

The winner of the September 2012 Best Shirt Award is Sherwood Anders; fees and promotion paid for by Corona.

Yes, it is "V" for victory for Sherwood.

Mark the calendar for October 5. It could be another slow month, so YOU do have a good chance of winning.