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 Robin's Best Shirt Award, October 5, 2012

Well, this is October, and Lol Ha was turned into a mini Oktoberfest, Akumal style, and Loquito was the host, all decked out with his Bavarian finest, even lederhosen. Needless to say, Loquito had to be in just about every photograph, as the huge assembly gravitated towards his presence on the bar.  As you can see, there was a fantabulous colorful turnout for this event.  We even had a Write In entry from Cape Cod, as SteveC and the Staff of The Akumalian were working out of the remote office in Chatham.

Thanks to Sherwood Anders for the photos.


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Lol Ha was also celebrating Akumalfest (local version of Oktoberfest) and Loquito was the host.

Russ Motley was whispering sweet nothings into Loquito's ear while trying to coerce another win.

Who is this with an out-and-out bribe of a Heineken for Loquito?

Sherwood Anders is a bit presumptious in declaring victory.

Looks lika another out-and-out bribe of a stein of beer. Looks like Loquito comes cheap.

Mary Henderson officially asks Loquito to be a co-judge.

Pablo is here, but he does not seem to be in the running for Best Shirt.

Looking good, but no Best Shirt here.

Didier Jackson is all smiles, but he too is out of the competition.

Jamie and Yolanda block out Loquito, because he does not have a wine aereator.

Whoa. Hold the presses. Antonio Bolio is here with a serious contender.

Bob Anders seems to have a contender too, but he is hiding out behind Loquito.

Sherwood and Laura are here for a group photo with Loquito as they survey the contestants.

Here is John again, the two-fisted, drinking pal of Loquito.

It's the New Orleans Saints, so it must be Beryl.

Wow, Dave Zucker is really looking like a contender as he outshines Loquito.

Not to be outdone, Dan Freeman has a sparkling contender.

Holy New Jersey Shore. That is Joan Moreland making her first return to Akumal in 15 years!!

Have to admit that we do not have names for these two. Sorry.

Again not sure, but she looks like it might be Anni.

"If you can't pick one of us, take two of us as a package."

Not sure, but guessing this must the the Judging Committee.

Mary has to raise her voice - where is the mike - to be heard over the tumultuous crowd.

Wait a minute, here is a dual pumpkin entry celebrating 26 days before Halloween.

The winner for October Best Shirt is Antonio Bolio.

Congratulations to Antonio.

So, watch out on November 2nd, when a very large crowd will be gathering for the next Best Shirt Award.

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